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Has anyone used any of the following dehydrated foods: CaniSource or DNA? I know some people have tried The Honest Kitchen and seem to like it except for the price. Shania seems to like the sample of CaniSource and I'm trying the sample of THK tonight.

Also, has anyone heard of Carnivora frozen raw food?

Years ago I fed my two dogs raw. Back then I could get a variety of meats and organs if I bought in bulk. When I was down to one 14 lb Shih Tzu, buying in bulk resulted in far too much excess and stuff like venison and duck became impossible to find. So for the last few years I have been feeding Orijen.

Unfortunately, a couple months ago Shania reacted badly to her dinner. Suffice to say it was a horrible weekend and I was a nervous wreck until I could get her into the vet. We were not sure if it was the food or the Metacam she had been on. After a half a week of no food (no appetite) and a week of rice & chicken broth we tried the Orijen again.e It did not go over well. Since then I've been feeding a combo of Wellness canned and dry. Incidentally, the other dog didn't have any reaction to the food. We have not gone back on the Metacam or many of the other supplements she was on.

So for the last couple months I've been using Wellness. Not a fan of it, but it is currently the best quality one that Shania will eat.

Now that we have a pet store that sells frozen prepared raw in a variety of meats I was thinking of putting her back on a raw diet and supplementing it with dehydrated.

I was thinking about doing something like the following:
Breakfast: frozen raw meal with flaxseed oil
Dinner: reconstituted dehydrated food with dehydrated green tripe and flaxseed oil

What the opinion of this option?

Shania's not that big and doesn't eat that much so I'm not worried about the cost.

Also, YAY! I finally found a vet that does acupuncture and they are only 2 hours away!
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