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Bear started her CGC class tonight.

Wow, Just WoW!!!!!

There were two other sheps in there. One was a pup Joy's age that I went to classes with, with Joy.

The other I think was in Beansy's class, but I could be wrong about that.

There was a huge Rotty, who is a nice dog, just full of himself.

There was a lab just feeling his adulthood coming in.

There was a nice Golden.

There may have been a couple of other dogs.

I do not know whether their size or their breeds or what but it seemed like a whole lot of dog in there.

Bear was bad, not wanting to sit or down or heel, but she was doing a heck of a lot better than a lot of the others who spent a goodly amount of time acting like they wanted to eat each other.

I cannot wait for group picts on this bunch.


Joy's Rally class was ok. Only one newcomer, a little toy spaniel.

But because we had a newcomer, the instructor had us all introduce ourselves.

I said, Hi, I am Sue, I am a dogaholic. LOL.

That class went pretty good. Joy is still the little engine that could. But she is getting a little better I think. Besides the spaniel is a chocolate lab, a doberman, a corgi, and a Jack Russel Terrier. It is a good make up, and we got a lot accomplished.
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