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So I grew up in a house that was strictly animal-free inside, excepting a few goldfish now and then. We always had a dog, who always lived outside. I never thought anything of it.

Well, now I have my own house, in a different state, and Minnie lives inside with us. She is so much more a part of our family than if she lived outside, and to me it would be like putting my baby outside. I can't believe I grew up all those years with our dogs strictly outside.

Anyway, I'm up visiting the parents this weekend, and I'm staying at their house. I realized this morning how much I miss having Minnie's hair around. I mean, growing up with neat freaks I tend to be one, and vacuum all the time, but her hair is still all over everything. My parent's place is nice, and lived in as homes should be (it's not sterilized or anything), but I feel like it's missing something without the little multi-colored hairs. :) They just make it feel more like home to me, I guess!

Just wanted to share!
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