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Neutering incision

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I adopted a non-GSD Saturday. He was neutered in September. There's no fur on the incision site. What would cause this? Thyroid? His appointment with my vet isn't until the 16th.

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What would cause what? The darkening of the skin? Lack of fur?

I'm not exactly sure what you're looking at. That's why I ask.

My male GSD had something that looked similar. The vet removed the actual testicles from the scrotum, and the scrotum remained, kind of like a bag of floppy black skin. It took a few months to shrink and now it looks like you would expect a neutered dog to look...just a slight furry bump between his legs.

Does that help?

Or are you seeing something else? If so, please explain it and we'll try and figure it out.
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I'm wondering if the lack of fur and darkening of the skin is normal. How long did it take before your boy's fur grew back?
A few least, that's what I remember. After a while, I just kind of stopped noticing.

Maybe someone who's had their dog neutered more recently will recall exactly. I had Camper neutered at 14 months. He's 22 months now, and he's been fully shrunken and fur grown-in for ... let's see... at least a few months now...
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