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Neutering at what age?

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What is the best age (months?) to neuter a dog? I keep hearing conflicting comments... some say before 6 months and some say at 14 months... behavioral reasons (dominance etc)? health reasons? etc... So, when and why??? Thanks!
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I'm sure you'll continue to get various ages here too!!! IMHO dogs should be neutered between 18 and 24 months of age. I like them to mature mentally and physically. There are questions about early neutering increasing the chances of getting certain types of cancer later in life.
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Not sure if it has been proven or not, but I have heard that neutering can "stunt" their growth. We think Rocky is finally done growing so we are going to get him fixed soon.

We have not decided what age to neuter Apollo yet. Vet said 6 months but we will wait at least 1 year. Possible 3 like we did with Rocky.
Everyone has an opinion, here's my $.02

Due to the controversy, where some feel neutering early can cause a larger lankier creature, because hormones don't tell bones platesto stop growing, and in males, heads won't get as big as would if waiting for maturity, I have waited with my current pup.

His brother, who was fixed at 6 mos, is a bit taller, a bit heavier, and his head is a bit smaller, so his ears teepee a bit, though erect.

So I'm glad I've waited.

<span style="color: #3366FF">interesting article</span>

When a vet says it decreases testicular cancer, I can only smile and
say "Really?" (duh!)
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lol thanks guys anymore comments always welcome! I will review all and decide... though it looks like I might wait... I just worry about spraying and behavioral issues - but it seems some dogs do & some don't & you never know... lots of info to go over...
That's an interesting article. I'm glad to see that vasectomies are now being mentioned as an alternative to neutering.
I might be getting a male pup this fall and I plan on leaving him intact until I find a reason to neuter him. Maybe not a popular choice in North America, but I would like to show him and I am responsible. I have no other intact animals and have NO intention of ever breeding.
I have heard that neutering with "calm" a male down. Is that true?
I was fully intending to wait until 2 years to neuter Quincy but I changed my mind onces the hormones started to flow.

At 8 mnths Quinn got sniped as well as his budding disire to roam and mark on any object.
Does neutering them have any effect on them? Or is it different depending on the dog?
I have heard that some GSDs don't fully fill out until three years of age, so I would wait until then. I however don't have any plans on neutering my boys, as I am a responsible owner.
from all the responses here and everything i have read many have different opinions so i think it varies from dog to dog. I spoke to my trainer and he said that if I don't plan to have my dog sire litters then it would be beneficial behavioral wise to neuter him around 6 months before the hormones start flowing. this is not true for all dogs but he said why take the chance as he has knows clients with dogs that became snippy & marked when the hormones started to flow and he said if you decide to neuter him then it'll take up to 12 months to get rid of them. Then he told to also check with the vet in regards to any health issues, pros & cons. I've had experience with both neutered and intacted dogs (males&females) and the dogs neutered always were good with the dogs that were intact it varied from dog to dog (some of them were really great pets, some were a bit "aggressive" & over protective). In the end I still don't know what to do
bc I would like to leave my dog intact until 14 months of age but I'm a bit afraid that he might be one of these dogs that is better to be neutered younger to stay calmer... I'm going to the vet next week and i'll see if i'll be able to make my decision then....
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I too am struggling with when and if to have Riley neutered. My current aim is 18-24 mos of age if we do decide to neuter. I hope that he does not begin to mark or hump everything near him and us not be able to control those behaviors via training, as if that is the case, we may choose to neuter him sooner. But after having lost our heartdog Kayle to hemangiosarcoma in April (after a lifetime of horrible allergies, SIBO, incontinence, and other intestinal woes), and reading about the possible links to speutering, vaccines, diet, toxicants, etc., I am trying to make the right choices to stack the deck in Riley's favor for a longer, healthier quality diet, no pesticides (ie. no flea and tick meds, avoidance of any areas treated with pesticides, never using pesticides in our house or yard), minimal puppy vaccs and titers in lieu of boosters, no city or bottled water, etc. Right now I am struggling with the heartworm preventative issue. We live in heartworm-central, and I have always used low-dose ivermectin in the summer months only, but now question its
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I had Keefer neutered at 15 months old. I saw no difference before and after in his personality. He has never inappropriately marked, and while he will now sometimes lift his leg on a bush at the park, he still squats to pee at home.

I knew I wanted to wait until he was at least a year old, but did not want to wait until he was 2. I made the decision to go ahead and have it done when I did because it seemed like other dogs where starting to react differently to HIM, not that he reacted differently to other dogs. We go to off leash parks every weekend, so I didn't want him to have a bad experience and develop a "get them before they get me" mentality. He's always been a very friendly social dog, and I wanted to keep him that way.
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