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Preamble: Nero is 6 months and seems to be able to destroy any toy he wants whenever he wants. He gnaws and has decimated toys within minutes of getting them. This has turned into a bit of a challenge to get a toy that he can sit down with for more than a week and not have in pieces. Some toys, with cutting off pieces will last a week or more...most have lasted little more than minutes. Some toys were good while teething but adult teeth have destroyed. I will rate toys with enthusiasm he has shown for them, durability, and a description. I will break the toys into categories (Rope, Ball, Rubber, Chew, etc.) I will give the toy name, link, ratings, and description.

1: Ignores it
10: Would break down doors to get it if he could

Durability (once focused on or given a good work out):
1: minutes
2: 1-3 days
3: 3+ days - 1 week
4: 1 - 2 weeks
5: 2 - 3 weeks
6: 3 - 4 weeks
7: 1 - 2 months
8: 2 - 3 months
9: 3 - 4 months
10: > 4 months
[note: nothing has lasted 3 or 4 months I wont be handing those out as of yet]


Zanies Eco-Friendly Rope Ring PetEdge: Zanies Eco-Friendly Rope Rings
Enthusiasm:5 Duarbility:4
Once he had destroyed most other toys and focused on this it was good for ganwing on and was good during teething. He pulled a few strands out that we could cut away. He eventually found the end and pulled it loose at which point we took it away. It lasted about 1 to 2 weeks once he was focused on it.

Monkey Knot Ball (similar link)PetEdge: Zanies Holiday Rope Knots
Enthusiasm:5 Durability:5
Once he had focused on this it was good for gnawing and teething. He was able to get a few strands out but we could cut them away. This lasted a while because we could cut away quite a few pieces before having to take it away. It lasted around 2 to 3 weeks.

Booda Wing-A-Ball Booda Wing-A-Ball Dog Toys at PETCO
Enthusiasm:5 Durability:4
He liked to gnaw on this like the other rope toys. This should have been a fetch toy but he would sit and gnaw on it. It lasted around a 2 weeks and he had it in strands that we had to take it away.

Kong Braidz Tiger (similar link)
KONG Braidz Monkey Dog Toy at PETCO
Enthusiasm:8 Durability:6
He really liked this toy. There were weak points that had to be cut off (ears and tail), but after that he had it for a good 3 to 4 weeks before getting the stuffing out of the head. He quite enjoyed this toy.

Heart Shaped Plush (generic from Pet Supplies, Pet Accessories, and Many Pet Products | PetSmart)
Enthusiasm:7 Durability: 2
He liked to chew on it, it lasted barely a day.

ToyShoppe Large Canvas Dog Toy ToyShoppe® Large Canvas Bone Dog Toy - Toys - Dog - PetSmart
Enthusiasm:6 Durability: 1
He ripped the edging off in minutes and was down to the stuffing.

ToyShoppe Jack-Shaped Dog Toy ToyShoppe&reg Jack-Shaped Dog Toys - Toys - Dog - PetSmart
Enthusiasm:6 Durability: *6+ (still going)
He likes this. There are no easy weak points for him to get at and it squeaks on all the prongs. This is the only plush that is still alive.

Zanies Celestial Smiles PetEdge: Zanies Celestial Smiles -- Dog Toys
Enthusiasm:8 Durability:4
He got this as a gift from the vet. He really liked it. He would attack each sunburst but we could cut them off. Because we could cut them off it lasted quite a while for a plush; especially with how much he liked it. This lasted around 1.5 to 2 weeks.

Chew (Nylon / Hard Rubber)
Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys Flexible Dog Chew Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys Flexible Dog Chew at PETCO
Enthusiasm: 7 Durability: 7
These could have lasted longer, but he had some adult teeth that really did a number on this toy. He liked them and they really did their job. He really worked on quite a few teeth with this toy. It lasted around a month to a month and a half before we picked them up because he was getting largish chunks.

Nylabone Flexible Bone - Original (similar) Nylabone Flexible Bones Value Pack at PETCO
Enthusiasm:7 Durability: 7
This was a little soft for him once he got his adult teeth. He liked it and it kept him quite busy. This lasted around 2 months.

Nylabone Durachew Plus for Powerful Chewers - Bacon Flavored
Nylabone Durachew Plus for Powerful Chewers - Bacon Flavored - Toys - Dog - PetSmart
Enthusiasm:8 Durability: *5+ (still going)
This is hard toy, but he seems to like it. When he gets into a gnawing mood he will lay into this. It has resisted so far. I expect it to last around 2 to 4 months at its current rate.

Nylabone Rhino Super Tuff Bone Nylabone Rhino Super Tuff Bone Dog Toy - Toys - Dog - PetSmart
Enthusiasm:9 Durability:1
He really liked this from the minute he got it...but it lasted only minutes before he had chunks out. I sent this one back to Nylabone.

Kong Solid Ball
KONG Rubber Balls - Toys - Dog - PetSmart
Enthusiasm:7 Durability: *5+ (still going)
He likes this toy. It is heavy and he cant get a corner so he cant get pieces off. I expect this to last 4 or more months total at its current rate.

JW Pet Good Cuz JW Pet Good Cuz/Bad Cuz Dog Toys - Toys - Dog - PetSmart
Enthusiasm:9 Durability: *8+ (still going)
He really likes this. He chewed the feet and we cut them off. He chewed out the squeaker and we took it out. It is now a glorified ball but is still his favorite toy. I expect this to last 4 or more months total at its current rate.

Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls at PETCO
Enthusiasm:8 Durability:4 (ea) 5 (4 pack)
He liked these balls. We gave them one at a time and it took about 3 weeks to go through the 4 pack. He would get the felt off and we would take them away.

JW Pet Hol-EE Roller
JW Pet Hol-EE Roller Dog Toy at PETCO
Enthusiasm:8 Durability:1
He really liked it but was chewing the webbing and I had to pick it up after about 15 minutes. He would gnaw on it while bringing it back from being thrown for him.

I would still like to try the Joly Ball and a few other toys. So far Nylabone has lasted the longest and Kong. I will add to this as he destroys more stuff :) Hopefully it can prevent someone from wasting money for minutes of fun like me ;)

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When Jake was in a seek and destroy phase, I always found that the Tuffy's toys held up very well. They are rated with a toughness number on thier tags.

Pet Food, Supplies & Accessories at PETCO

You can get them cheaper than at PetCo, but this was just to show what they were.

You might want to try one of these for Nero!

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I would second the JW Pet Bad/Good/Other Bad/Other Good Cuz Squeaky Toys. I like the Other Bad and Good Cuz's more because the feet are already stumpy to start with so there is less to chew off. Miya has destroyed two of the squeakers but the Cuz is still intact and she still chews and mouths the silent Cuz.
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