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Wasn't sure where to put this - stories, brags, general.....move if needed.

I have THE BEST neighbors.
Since our yard is off-limits for at least 10 days, they said I could bring Gracie over into their fenced yard each day so she can run off some of that pent up energy. They have the rotti that Gracie loves. He's getting up in years - 10 - and his arthritis is really bad (they had to carry him to bed one night after a walk around the block). So when we went over today, I closed their deck gate so he coudln't get into the yard (and so Gracie couldn't go through his doggie door into their house). Gracie had a blast!
She got to chase his toys around the yard. Funny thing, he never came out to see us. I guess he's used to hearing us outside. Maybe he didn't realize we were in his yard! I just might survive the next 2 weeks!!
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Hey Jen -
Why is your yard off limits? Sorry if I missed the post...

Originally Posted By: HollyEHey Jen -
Why is your yard off limits? Sorry if I missed the post...
No problem. How is Tessa feeling?!!

Post #1 --

Follow up --
Thanks for the post and thanks for asking about Tess.
She is doing great. We are 16 weeks post op and have begun training - nothing heavy but working on focus and some basic stuff.

Walking longer each day - well we were until I came down with the horribly nasty sore throat.. haven't had a voice for 3 days now.
How exciting for you and Gracie to have a new back yard... Doing a grass growing dance on your behalf!
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What great neighbors you have!! You should get their Rott a thank you present for him letting Gracie use "his" yard.

Our neighbors on either side are great, too. The one side has 2 boxers and they let Mandi come over and play. The people behind us though....UGH! Last weekend as my husband and I were laying the invisible fence down (we had yet to have dug a single inch of ground on OUR yard) he came out and yelled at us telling us we just dug through HIS cable line and now his cable is out.

First, the invsible fence only goes like 2 inches below the ground and Second, it is on OUR property, so unless his cable is also on OUR property it should never affect him.
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Wow! You have some pretty nice neighbors
That's great that they offered to let you do that. Mine would not be ok with that.
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Oh that is great that your neighbors are so nice to let Gracie come over and play
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You are so lucky to have such nice neighbors.
MINE signed for the $50 worth of bullysticks my hubby ordered and wont give them to us! (went to their addy by mistake)
The online Pet place traced it thru Fed X and they are going to put in a complaint, we cant! Hubby left a note on their door and they havent even contacted us!
Anyways, I just cant believe some people have such nice nabes like you do:)
I too have good neighbors... Regarding the person with the cable issue - you need to call before you dig. TV cable doesn't go very deep so, yup, you coulda cut it. Especially if you didn't have your lawn marked before you dug and yup it could run on your property too. Fortunately, the cable I cut was my own - both telephone and TV...
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