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Neglected cats

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Some of you I sure remember the Border Collie pup I tried to help well that wasn't the only animal my neighbors had. They also had a kitten. I saw her around from time to time and I knew they wouldn't spay her and even saw her with a tom cat. But what could I do but sit back and wait.
Sure enough things got worse. The gal ended up finding another guy and left the house and the cat. The guy stayed but I pretty sure he never even fed the poor cat. Well she had her kittens and from talking to other neighbors I knew she was scrounging around for food. This last week I finally saw her and she was so tiny and skinny, her coat is dull and she has lots of dandruff. While I wanted to take her then and rescue her I had to think of the kittens too, I had no Idea how old they were or even if they were still alive. I had been told through the neighborhood grape vine the the guy had at one point tossed them over the fence to some boys who lived there and told them to "take care of them". Anyway I started feeding her to encourage her to keep coming back. And tonight a little while after I had fed her my daughter came in the house caring a kitten and told me there were two more. DH and I immediately went out and got them, Mama showed up too. So the whole family is in my house. I had already talked to DH about making sure Mama was taken care of; so now the plan is to keep the family for a week or two, The kittens are not quite old enough to leave Mama yet and they need some socializing; they are pretty shy. Then we will find Mama and two of the kittens a home. One has already found his forever home

Mama or Leila as my Kids have named her. I have been trying to figure out her age. What ever the youngest age is for a cat to have her first season + gestation + 5 weeks? Its been a while since I had a young female cat.

Just to show you how skinny she is

The kids have named the kittens too. The gray tabby is Rocky, the calico is Cookie and the seal point? is Jedi. Jedi is the one we are going to keep.
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I so miss having a cat... they are all so pretty. I am glad they will be taken care of now.

Some people just don't deserve the right to own a pet.
Oh they are all so cute!!!! Amazing how they all came out different looking!!!!
It is so nice of you to take care of them and find them homes!!!
Thank you !!!!!
Oh Stacy!!!! Your heart is so big!!!

The little seal point snow shoe is darling! Poor mama is just a baby herself. She is probably only about 9 or 10 months old.

Sounds like this family is just plain trash.
Thanks for taking her and her family in and caring for them.
While I wish the circumstances were different the pleasure is all mine. With there bellies full and a good nights sleep they are doing what kittens do best; tearing around my house. Mama Leila is relaxing on the back of the couch; she is very content and seems to know that her family is safe now. I am just happy that my DH is a big softy especially when it comes to cats.

Thanks Kathy, 9 or 10 months old is what I was estimating but wasn't sure.

I will be posting more pictures; they are just so cute when the are playing so be prepared for a cuteness overload.
Thank you for taking them in! I just love happy endings
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Awww! Nice job! Thank you for taking her in. She is just a baby. Beware-they can go into heat again really quickly. Someone was just telling me about trapping a female whose kitten was 8 wks old and she was pregnant again. They really can go into heat as soon as 2 wks after giving birth. So she may have already gone into heat? Or is coming up on one?
Bless you for saving her...I am assuming that she will be spayed in a couple of weeks?

The little siamese mix is a DOLL...but I don't think there is anything cuter than a kitten...

Even if Momma kitty has gone into heat and gotten herself pregnant...she can still be spayed...I know it's a hard thing to do, BUT, the alternative is more kittens that need homes...

Keep her inside...and keep your fingers crossed that she hasn't gone into heat your vet and let him/her know what is happening and perhaps they can advise you or give you some thoughts on getting Momma spayed...

Again, THANK YOU for saving this family...Judy
There will be no more kittens for Leila' hopefully she did not go into heat already. I haven't notice a bunch of toms hanging around though so I think she is fine for now. To be on the safe side during her time here she will be strictly an indoor cat. I wasn't sure how soon she could be spayed; I figure the kittens are between 4 and 5 weeks old. They are doing a little bit of nursing but doing fine eating kitten food too. There is a gal I worked with to help get a different neighbor's cat spayed. I am sure she will help me get Leila spayed too. One way or the other it will get done. I also want to make sure the other two kittens we place will get fixed too.
oh I love the pic of them all eating out of the bowl
I really miss my cat. Right now, we have one that looks alot like your black and white one that hangs around here and it has a hurt leg but I cant get near it:( I put some BBQ chicken out for it tonight for dinner. I need to get a bag of cat food. I dont think anyone owns it. My cat was really sociable, these around here sure do RUN when I come out.
Your 3 kittens are soooo cute!
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