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Need some info please

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I've never put a lot of thought into Cyrus's breeding before, but someone recently asked me his lines, and I had no idea. But it did get me curious. And I discovered his sire's hips were excellent!

He is AKC registered and this is his sire

His dam is registered but I can't find her on the database?

If someone wouldn't mind taking a look and giving me their thoughts It would be greatly appreciated.
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Father is Czech lines. Do you have the Mother and her parents registered names?
Thank you!! Czech is good?

His mother is Gloria's Cheyenne DL91090406
And if I am reading correctly her dam is Thain Shiloh the Third D849699

I've got the Certified Pedigree papers, but I find them a bit hard to read
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I believe I was wrong,

Mother is: Jasmine's total Eclipse and Sire Sir Mistro Hulme..

the top of the fatherline is excellent! Bert Junak is the result of a very successful breeding between Tom and Bara. Tom z PS is one of the great alltime sires in Czech history. Bara is the daughter of Car z K......, who is also one of the great Czech sires and is known as the Rackker of czech dogs as he brought great genetic biddability to his progeny. This B litter was repeated with a C litter that had Cara Junak, Cindy Junak(can't think of her first name, but she is in the states and she was a two times BSP participant with SG scores at least once). My sire descends down through Cara Junak who is the dam of V Jaguar Aritar Bastet, Sch 111, and V-1 Justa Aritar Bastet, Sch1, Zvv1. This is nice stuff through this line. The Tom mix with Car has been very successful in Europe.
Thank you!! That makes me very happy!!

I think the dam side is German show lines.

But he is a fantastic pup, does have a great desire to please and makes training very enjoyable.
Not an expert on this...but the name of his dam looks more like American show lines to me then German lines.
I did mean American Show lines. Sorry, I just find this all confusing.
Are you sure she is American SHOW lines?
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Originally Posted By: Andaka
Are you sure she is American SHOW lines?
Nope, not sure at all, I don't know how to read the pedigree, do you know what she is?
The names don't sound familiar to me.

Could you give us more info?

What is your dog's mother's name? What are the names of her parents? What are the names of their parents?
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