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Need some info on socializing on a older dog

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but here it is and also move it if needed.
I am about to addopt a 18 month old GSD female in a couple of weeks. How do i go about establish making me pack leader, since i will be primarely dealing with her, but i have a wife and 2 teens in the home too. Next question is how soon should i start socializing with other ppl and animals? She is house broke and crate trained, and also knows basic commands but needs some manners taught. I have already set up obediance classes for her and my wifes dog. How soon after should i let my kids (14/13) start handling her? They say she is protective of her care giver, so i dont want her to get upset if like me and my son wrestle around in the floor. How would i handle that? I hope everyone understands my ******* rambling, my mind runs faster than my fingers. Any and all advice is welcome.
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Do you know if she has ever been around many people or other dogs?
Id say first of all give her some time to learn the cast of players in your home. It wont take very long for her figure who belongs and who the visitors are. Id try and keep things down to a dull roar until she gets settled in. Too much noise and confussion will not help the situation. Also dont have everyone trying to make up to her at once right off the bat. Give her some space and let her decide when its time for some interaction.

Remember you guys will be getting used to her ways and she will be doing to the same thing. I wouldnt start classes right away, not until you feel like shes comfortable and trusts you or who ever will take to the classes. The classes will be new to her with all new people and other dogs, if she not comfortable with you she has no security blanket to turn to if she gets nervous that wont be the best situation for the dog. Shell learn 10 times more at the classes if shes having fun and trying to please you.

I would bring her into your home, show her where her food and water is, then show her where her bed is and just leave her alone and let her get used to everything in her own time. Tell your family to leave her alone and try not to make eye contact with her too much.Pretty soon shell be coming to you, then you can give her a treat and pet her and everything will go just fine. It wont take very long and youll be way ahead of the game for it.

Everybody around here has their own ideas about this type of situation, I took in a very abused male and I did exactly what ive just described to and it worked out perfectly. That was an extreme case. If it worked with him then itll work for your new addition as well.

So theres some advice from one ole country boy to

By the way, welcome to the board.
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Depending on her temperament and background, classes right away might be a good opportunity to get to know each other and bond. Especially if you have not done much training in the past - then you've got someone there who can help you troubleshoot.

Very often people confuse "protective" with afraid and this could be the case here with what they've told you. Likely they are referring to the fact that she barks at strangers. So hopefully this won't be an issue with your kids. If you feel like she's safe around children, and hopefully that's the case, I'd suggest having your kids feed her, let her in and out, put her in her crate (with a treat) etc. so she gets to know her whole new pack and that good things come from doing what the kids ask her to.

Dominance aggression is very uncommon so establishing yourself and your family as pack leaders will probably be much more about letting her know that she's safe and secure and that you guys have it covered, so she doesn't need to react to every little thing she sees as a threat.

Also remember she's still a puppy, so her main issue may just be puppy energy and lack of manners. Kids make great dog trainers, so get them involved with teaching her the basic commands.

Welcome to the board!
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She has been around other dogs, and gets a little bossy to other female dogs. as to the people i dont really know, and thats a good question to ask.
it also says says she has never met a stranger....
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