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Need some ideas

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Does anyone have any ideas?? My dog chewed his ankle through his flesh and down to bone from a scab he had after sugery 4 weeks ago.He was able to get his e-collar off. Luckliy, he just needed stiches and nothing worse. Since then we have 2 e-collars together to double the strength, his leg bandaged and him on sedatives at the vets advice. For the past 4 week it has been healing VERY slowly. Since it can't get air to it. My poor dog has been wearing the e-collar for almost 9 weeks now, but its better then him chewing his leg again. Well today I caught my dog chewing his ankle AGAIN. He managed to find a way to bend backwards, get his bandage off and chew his leg. Thank God he didn't chew through his flesh this time. What can I do so he can not get to his ankle. I am so worried! Why are shepherds so Head strong and smart????? Thanks!
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Apparently, the wound is itching sooo much that your poor dog has to scratch it (that's the biting). Either he is allergic to the material with which the wound was closed, or the healing itself of the skin is itching.

I would buy a good creme that helps prevent the itching. Ask a vet or go to a homeopathic store. Good skin-friendly creames (for people) usually contain marigold, which is exellent.

Another possibility is: Aloe Vera.
If you can buy a small plant, just take one branch off and squeeze the gel-like sap oput of it. Apply this to the wound. (it is not toxic and won't hurt the dog at all!).

If you can't find this plant, try the homeopathic store for an Aloe Vera cream or gel. It should give your dog a lot of relief!
Good luck!
Check with the vet before you do anything.

I have used Vetri-Science DMG for 2 seniors who needed to heal and it helped immensely (I think).

Coconut oil also seems to help skin issues.

But I'd also want to know if there was something itchy/irritating him within the wound or allergy to the bandage.

Maybe if the bandage is off (while you are supervising) he won't want to get it at so much. Maybe he's going after the leg after the bandage comes off, but the bandage itself is the issue.

All maybe and could be, but trying to think of stuff to help!
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Dear Natalie, VITAMIN E OIL. 1000MG Capsules, poke a hole in the end and sqeeze it all on, then bandage over that. it will help the would heal from the inside out, and keep it soft. This may be helpful, and he should not be allergic . It's also GREAT for getting the hair to grow back quickly once the wound is healed.!
Good luck. I'd do it twice daily if you can.
As someone mentioned but I think it bears attention:
Sometimes they can have a reaction to the suture material itself. Talk to your vet about a different suture. And get an even larger cone collar. They make "soft" ones which will bend but still protect. That might help.
I've been there with an opened incission. It's not pretty!

edited to add: from that experience I learned that the itching starts on day 3...
The best thing I have found to accelerate healing and soothe from itching is this cream:

I have been using hypericum with calendula cream for 10 years now for both myself and my dogs. It is safe and very effective.

I would, however, pursue the allergic reaction to the sutures theory as well.
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