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This question has been asked by many of us before, so don't worry, we all go through this stage! There are a few things you can try because not all dogs are the same and do better with one method over the other.

What I like best is redirection. I use positive reinforcement training, and there's nothing negative about redirection, so it's perfect for my needs. All you need is a toy and when he bits, make he release whatever it is that he is biting and stick a toy in his mouth. PRAISE him if he starts chewing the toy. If you want you can certainly turn this into a command, such as "Toy". I know other members have done it, and I've heard it can be quite useful.

Another method is the squirtbottle. Some puppies LOVE water, and if that's the case, this will not work for you. On the other hand, some pups hate the water and this might work best for you too. Even just the sight of the squirtbottle will deter the pup from nipping sometimes.

Yet another method some use is rolling the lip under the teeth for a slight pinch. This is to teach the pup that nipping hurts.

Clamping the muzzle is another method used, and adult dogs in a pack will do it to the pups. Note however that they give PLENTY of warnings before they do this.

On a side note to all of this: Puppies are little babies and you need to take it slow and easy with them and not get physical.
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