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Need insight for camping trip!

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So my sister and I have wanted to go on a road trip all summer with the dogs and are finallly getting the chance in 3 weeks! We are going to Taughannock Falls park and have lots of fun hiking and swimming planned. Anyway it's my first real vacation with Ary and my sisters dog and I would like to know if you guys have any advice on what to take. The things i have listed so far are bed, food, water, bowls, towels, normal vitamins she takes, leash, and harness. So any advice is most appreciated
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Have fun on your sounds really fun!!

I would also take treats and maybe a favorite toy or 2.
Copy of all vet records and a current picture. Also make sure you have current rabies tag and an ID with your cellphone number on the collar just in case. A first aid kit is a must for humans and dogs (example: benadryl for bug bites and Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting if needed). You may even want to see where the closest vet is to where you will be camping. When I take one of my dogs hiking, I always tie a bright colored bandana around their neck to make them easier to find in the woods incase we get seperated. I also tuck a drier sheet into my hiking bag and tie one onto the dogs collar. It is suppose to keep the mosquitos away and it does seem to work.

Can you tell that I always try to be prepared for worst case scenerio.

I hope you have a blast and don't need any of the above.
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Make sure you have updated tags on her collar. I have my cell # on my dogs; if they DO get separated from me, and someone finds them while I'm looking....
I've found that having along vet wrap (tape that sticks to itself but not anything else) or dog boots can come in very handy, especially if you do a lot of hiking. Dog paw pads can become torn or cut on sharp rocks when hiking, and having dog boots or vet wrap to cover any damage will allow you to finish the hike / get back to camp / enjoy the rest of your day, as opposed to having to carry a dog out...
id tags that are on the dog and up to date w/your cell phone nbr
vet records for immunizations including rabies
pics of the dog
i usually carry an extra leash in case i lose the main one
tie out cable is nice to have along
How about a longer rope that you could use when you tie her down at the campsite? That way she could have a little bit more room to wander (rather than just a six foot leash). Be sure to carry water in the car for her for when you stop along the way. Treats are always welcome at any campsite
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So i have an id tag on her collar which has my cell # and her name and my name. I have a hot pink zebra striped bandana she wears the pics, finding the closest vet, first aid, and dryer sheets i wouldnt have thought of.Oh and the boots/wrap.
vet records and I would find the nearest animal hosp and have the number and directions on hand if something should happen
A small shovel for picking up dog poop. I try to be courteous where ever I go. Be sure to mark it for identification purposes. One time a neighboring camper stole mine and I saw it at their campsight. If it wasn't for my foresight to put my last name on it, I couldn't prove anything to retrieve it.
Yup, that about sums it up. I would also recommend bringing a tie-out. We only had a 6 ft leash and I felt bad for for D being limited that much.

One thing we ran into when camping with the D-dog that I hadn't thought about - who is going to watch the dog while you walk to the bathhouse (if you are in a campground)? We had to shower in shifts so that someone could stay at the site with the dog.
We are in a campground and there are three of us so shower shifts will be fine. Thank you for all the advice!
I always take an extra microfiber towel just for the dog...he always seems to find his way into something wet right before we go to sleep.

I don't know how much hiking your gonna be doing but when I take the dog and light weight fast moving trips where we hike a lot I always make sure to bring extra food (30% more per day) and some nice fatty protein treats for extra energy.
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