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need help

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Got an issue and I want to address it before it becomes a problem.
If Lucy were a horse, she'd be barn sour. She hates going for walks away from the house, and tries to rush back home. This tendancy has been there since I got her and is becoming more noticable, so I obviously am not doing anything to improve the situation. On a positive note she did not pull on the leash at all on the way home today.
She is 14 weeks and I have had her four.
I thought I might try bringing kibbles with me and give her one when she stays with me and also when she makes no attempt to chase cars, which is also a problem.
I wonder if I am trying to take her for too long of a walk? Also wonder if teething could be a factor- one ear has gotten a bit wiggly and she's winking the eye on the same side....
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I think your instincts are good. I was going to say "right on" but then I had some more thoughts. If I remember correctly, this may be a puppy game. My youngest had a spell of this. We were walking with two other dogs shortly after I got her. She was reluctant - we were in a safe area so I moved ahead with the other dogs. End of that game! Time to catch up! You might want to try a long line if you are in a safe place to do it. If you run off, puppy will probably race to catch you. You just have to change the game a bit. Then too if that doesn't work you might try what you thought of - Shorten the walks a bit, take along treats or kibble (make the walk fun!) If she has a buddy dog, walking two of them together will often cure the problem. Take a look at what happens when you get back home - that might also have an answer for you. (does she get fed when you get back? Treats? Play time? - what is she looking forward to?) My eldest doesn't want to walk alone if her food dish has some bites left. (The younger dog is a chow hound!) There've also been loose dogs in the neighborhood that urinate around our yard - she seems to think she should be watching the fort when that happens, too.
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Another thing if treats don't work is take her someplace and PLAY with her. Toss a ball, play tuggie, sit and pet her something that she enjoys. Once she looks forward to going to "that spot" find another one and keep adding more "fun spots" and keep changing it up. Try taking her for a walk in a different direction.
Thanks! I appreciate the suggestions.
Ok- this is so awesome. I talked with the trainer at Petco and he suggested I try a WATCH ME with the car situation. We just learned it yesterday. It worked like a charm. Car? What car? I don't see no stinkin' car. Just my mamma's loving eyes gazing at me!
The other part of it was I thought about what she got when she got home (as suggested) and it was indeed a meal! So I fed her before we left- whole different doggie.
Man, I love that puppy. She's so SMART.
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