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need help (young dog & new puppy)

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I still need your help and suggestions because I'm afraid I'm missing something here that can lead to bigger problems.

Yana, my 13 months female, does not want to accept our new puppy, Anton. He's been with us almost for a week now, the sweetest puppy possible. He is not pushy or bity, he does those play bows and runs to her to play, wants to lick her face, turns his head away, shows his belly, he tries so hard to please her.

Yana is better with him in the yard, kinda trying to play with him (I'm supervising all the time so she doesn't hurt the puppy). But inside of the house she's turning into a different dog. She sits in her crate all the time, refuses to eat on her regular place, picks up toys and takes into her crate, growls and bares her teeth towards the puppy... She also goes nuts when the puppy approaches her crate and my tiny puppy starts barking back at her. Her hackles are up every time when she sees the puppy approaching her.

Also she started going on the couch even though the dogs are not allowed on the furniture in our house, and she never did it before. Worse, she didn't go down when I told her and I had to take her down by the collar.

Yana is a super submissive and fearful dog with very weak nerves, and I don't fully realize what is going on here. She never bared her teeth or growled at dogs or people before. She does receive her usual exercise, walks, attention, I'm taking a comp. obedience class with her and have training sessions with her during the week. But she hates the puppy and it has to stop because I don't want my brand new dog become fearful and dog aggresive because of her.

Please help me to understand what is going on in our house and how to resolve the situation. Please don't suggest to find a trainer because I've already tried 3 trainers here seeking help with her and nobody could help.

Thank you in advance!!!
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Hi Ruth! Thank you for your reply, you made me feel a little better. I think I did corrected more when she growled during the first couple of days (verbally, I didn't do any physical corrections. I never actually needed to do it, she used to be so well behaved) and then I realized that it was counterproductive and I can just teach her to skip the growling stage so I started separating them.

In the yard I play a stick game with her and the puppy is running circles around her. Yana retrieves and her mouth is busy with holding a stick or a ball so she cannot bite the pup. And I reward, of course. This technique worked so now she wants to go outside every time I take the pup outside, and she invites him to play. She doesn't seem to be agressive outside, I can place her in down position (I reward again) and she tolerates Anton next to her. But inside it's a different story.

It looks that she's so used to get all 100% attention that she doesn't want to share it with Anton. I feed her first and then I have to put her outside or in the crate because otherwise she will rush to Anton's bowl and growl at him and put his face in his bowl (she did it once). We do have gates that separate the kitchen and living room and the other areas of the house but she wants to be with us but without the puppy :(. I almost physically can feel how sorry for herself and betrayed she feels.

I haven't done any clicker training with her. I should look into that!
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Michelle, that's a great advice. I do try to give her as much attention as possible but it's actually pretty hard. The thing is Yana is not an affectionate dog and she will never come for a pet or a kiss. She'll be fine to sit in a different room and just come and check on us once in a while. That's why it's so weird that she wants to be with us all the time now.

The puppy on the other hand is all over us, and I love it
We never had such experience with Yana and I love every second spend with the little guy. But I will keep in mind now to give attention to Yana first now.

I just took a puppy to a different room, away from her crate. She came to us and brought her bone she was chewing. The puppy ran to her and she dropped the bone and let him lick it without any growling or hackles. I took the puppy away right away since who knew how she would react next. But it looks like the main problem is her coexistence with the puppy in the kitchen and the living room.
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