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ting into our pack !!!!

I just can't put my finger on this rescue yet ! You wonder if now that's why he got dumped etc ! He is very laid back when 1 on 1 with. Calm, gentle, & sweet.

THEN there's the other side which makes me mad & just can't read why he does this !!!

He does get very excited with major whines & slight barks with when your getting food in bowls to feed, sees a dog while in the car, sees a deer, rabbit, ect ! He goes into prey mode or something !

Took him on a walk with 15 + dogs today & as we got out of the Jeep & he seen the group....he whinned, pulled, barked, barked & nipped at a few dogs !

He did tired out some as we walked for 2 hrs. , but certain dogs that were loose (Aussies) he did fine as they passed him, but this one standard poddle, he would lunge & nip at her !!

I wish someone could put a finger on his behavior & help me help him IF possible.

I did correct him with a pronge when he was doing all of this & as he got corrected, you thought by his sounds............I was killing him. I do have the pronge tight IMO, but in order to fit right behind the ears, has to be tight. I can put one finger under the pronge so, it isn't digging in, but is really tight. When corrected, he really yelps.

I just want to put a finger on his behavior & correct it ????????????

How does this sweet laid back boy go from that to whinning, barking, etc !!!!!!

When he plays with you & gets real wound up, he does get mouthy, but doesn't hurt. Just bites at your hands.

I have not allowed him to be with our other 2 GS's only away from the house on walks. I know my 2 will not like this & feel our dominate bitch will get at him. I don't know how to go about letting them play together & worry about a nip turning into a fight.

I want them to be a pack, because the rescue does love to be with a dog it seems, likes & does fine out in the yard with our Golden. She is older & very submissive though.

I can walk him on leads away from the house fine with our female GS & tried with our male GS today & it went fine. They even both rode home together in the Jeep. Same with the female, they rode fine after the walk. They rode in different cars to the walk though !

If I have the rescue in a kennel outside while our other 2 are out in the yard.......a BARK COLLAR MUST be used, because he WILL NOT shut up. If the collar is on (Tri-tronic & I only set at 3) he shuts up & seems fine though the kennel with our other 2 GS's. Our male will run over to be with him, try to play, & even will lay by the kennel & the rescue will sometimes go lay by him. Our female might go sniff at him a min & away she goes.

Our male seems like he does want to be friends. The rescue will push on against the fencing & walk along it letting our male smell at him. They both wag their tails at each other.

He has 2 different side to him though & we want to get a grip on this, but really don't know where to begin ????

I thank you all for any suggestions & advice please. This is the first adult dog I have ever brought into our pack & he makes #4 now. The other 3 were bought as pups & grew up together.

~Thanks again~

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Re: Need help on working with barking, nipping, &

What suggestions have you tried from the other thread you posted recently? I remember you NOT being advised to use a bark collar for this problem yet that's what you're doing. I myself would not use a prong to correct the behaviors he's exhibiting ESPECIALLY if he is yelping. That is cruel and means that you are hurting him. That will not help calm him down around other dogs! Get a gentle leader or a front clip harness and work him on those.

Please reread this thread:

You got a lot of good advice on working basic obedience, focusing and rewarding for desirable behaviors.

Lots of gsds have high prey drive and will lunge at other dogs going by (or joggers, bikes, kids, whatever). Teaching a "Leave It" command followed by a reward will help immensely.

Please get some basic fundamentals type obedience going with this guy even if it's just you working with him while he's in his kennel and the other dogs are in the yard. Get some books. Click to Calm is a great one. There are lots of other recommendations over in the Books and Videos section.

From your description it sounds like he's doing fine with your dogs. If they were issues they would be fence fighting. Same with the walks and the car rides. Your nervousness has got to be translating right down the leash to the dog.

Get a professional (who uses non-aversive methods!) in their to help you bring all of the dogs together.
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