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Need advice

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I have a question and I've been trying to handle the situation, but I'm looking for advice. SO here goes:

I had a GSD that was put down earlier this year (Roxie).
I have a male GSD *Troy* that is about 8 yrs old.
I just adopted a female *Keeley* that is 3 yr old GSD

Now, Troy is very laid back, protective when necessary, but depressed since Roxie was put down (and my son having been killed last November, as they were very close).

I adopted Keeley from a nice family and they'd had her since a puppy. They said she wasn't dominant with other dogs... WELL! She and Troy get along, sniff each other, walk past each other just fine. If she meets his eyes, her lips curl and she snarls at him!! He is terrified of her. When she does that if I'm close enough to her, I tap her or tell her no and that generally works. I stop it as soon as it starts. She does what I ask, I don't think she has an issue with me being the pack leader (?) ... but she is being nasty to Troy.

What can I do? I know it will take time for her and him to get to know each other and I prety much expected something to happen .. but wasn't expecting this. Troy won't even play with is toys cause she gets nasty with him.. He's sadder than he was 3 days ago. I feel horrible.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
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Lisa, welcome to the site, condolences to you in the loss of your son and roxie.
I think the dynamics of the relationship will take time. Take them out on brisk walks together, but I would limit the free outdoor play time til they work out the relationship. Maybe give each one on one alone time w/ you to get her to bond w/you. Three days is not long at all and both of them are going thru adjustments.
I dog-sat a gsd yesterday, and my dogs and her(all girls) had a hard time playing as they all wanted to act like the big dog, even though they all really just wanted to play. But because they didn't have a relationship yet, defenses were up. We had no problems as long as I was there to correct the drama/overacting...
Thank you for the condolences. Its been hard. I figured it would take some time. Tonight coming in from a potty break, she stood in the doorway and snarled and went after him. I quickly put a stop to it and put her in the kennel so he could come in and eat in peace. He seemed to enjoy it. When he was done, I let her out. So far, she's been okay.
While she is listening to you when the issues start...

She's not really getting what you are trying to teach. She thinks it's OK to go after your other dog, until you tell her to stop.

So the fights are fine, you just tell her when to stop.

I'm not saying that's what you MEANT to teach her. Just, from what you described, that is what she has learned.

You must now CHANGE EVERYTHING. It is not fair to your other dog to be bullied and afraid all the time. The real aggression isn't starting when you THINK it is, and when you step in. You are late late late. Why everything is getting worse.

First, if you already went to obedience classes with your younger dog, it's time to go back. Classes are about giving you the skills needed to improve your timing and for your dog to really learn what's what. I know I go to classes until things are great at my home. So if I'm fixed in 8 weeks (and that never happens LOL) then I'm done. But truthfully it's usually more like months to work on what's happening.

Also, WAY more exercise for your younger dog. Be great if you can have both dogs out and about, OFF LEASH is best (why the dog classes help.....) but any great and REAL exercise is good. Swimming, hiking, ball, frisbee, herding, canoeing, camping....... New places, new sights, new sounds, out and about and NOT just in the house getting MORE territorial and MORE bonded to the house and MORE in the rut they are all in.

Great you are trying to get help early with this issue. It can get so serious vet visits or more serious results occur.

Here's some more info:
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