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Need a rant-dog left to roam the neighborhood.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I gotta get it off my chest. My daughter went to take our two pups for a walk. We have been leash training them separately and have started to walk them together. They have been doing great. They have been socialized around other dogs. We take them to running races where there are a lot of people and other dogs and when we meet other people walking their dog they behave beautifully. Back to my story-Kat (daughter) said she had taken the dogs around the block when this unleashed dog shows up. Jax and Kona went nuts. Kat said their hackles went up and they kept pulling on the leash towards the dog. My rant is that the dog was roaming around the neighborhood. Kat said it was a beautiful dog that was either a bull dog or pitbull with a collar on. It started following them. Jax and Kona were upset. Kat immediately started home. She was grateful that the dog was not aggressive. She said she prayed all the way home, "Please don't let this dog attack us". I told her she should have called animal control. They are very strict in our area. I reminded her that the dog could have escaped its home and not been let out to roam either way should have been caught so that they could find it owner.
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