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A lot of the things to do to manage diabetes are the same among humans, cats and dogs (presumably other animals as well). Unfortunately, vets haven't caught up to human-level treatment yet and in my experience, usually aren't open-minded about trying anything they didn't learn while they were in school.

The most important things to do to manage diabetes are:

Closely monitor blood sugar. Your goal is to smooth out the highs and lows of blood sugar fluctuations as much as you can. Pee strips aren't really great for this. You'll know the blood sugar's too high, but by how much? When did the spike start? What if the blood sugar crashes - you won't be able to tell with the strip and you may not pick up on the symptoms of an overdose - some animals are obvious about it, some are not. My recommendation is to pick up a blood glucose meter. You can use any one made for humans. Then make a chart, Excel is good for this: blood sugar level vs hour of the day. We tested every 2 hours until we had the insulin dose calibrated and the blood glucose levels were predictable. Then we backed off and tested every 4-6 hours as well as before giving insulin to make sure it's necessary and 15-30 min after giving insulin to make sure levels were in the expected range and that the dosage was correct (an easy error to make, especially if you're tired or the pharmacy makes a mistake with the concentration which happened to us).

Regulate diet. Raw is great for a diabetic dog or cat, but if you're not willing to go against your vet, another improvement would be grain-free food if you're not already using it. That will also help stabilize blood glucose levels. Be careful with treats, obviously. Avoid high glycemic index ingredients.

A couple of years ago, I'd have told you to look into PZI insulins as an additional help since they are more effective and longer acting then the stuff vets usually suggest. It helped my mother get her Type 2 diabetes cat off of insulin permanently. I was told that they were not going to be manufactured any longer back in 2009 because of cost issues. But, a google search is bringing up pages, so you might want to check it out anyway.
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