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neb is home

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i posted that due to some circumstances at the foster's house, i ended up taking neb home today - it was the best decision, and his mom had been adopted, though i was hoping he could stay with her until 7.5, 8 weeks. he's just over 6 weeks now....

anyways, due to me using my mom's car, we didn't go straight home but to my mom's first, where he met my mom, brother, and my mom's cat - he seems like a nice confident pup, happy to meet people and no signs of nervousness.

i may have to board him this coming weekend (yet another reason why getting him now is not ideal) but we'll see.

anyways, he's doing great....he went outside and pottied, and is hanging out in his crate now.....he's a gabby guy, and has a baby husky howl!!!! also, now that he's older (i met him about 3 weeks ago) i can see that he's bi-eyed (is that the term? one brown and one blue eye).

luc wasn't sure what to make of him....he's growled a couple of times but is sleeping by neb's crate now. but teagan.....she's been GREAT!!!! she's sniffed noses with him, and stayed next to the crate a while wagging her tail and letting him stick his feet on her nose. go teagan, awww, i'm so proud of her.

i will post some pictures later....
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Are the pictures up yet? I want to see him!

Puppy breath is normally very nice. What was he eating? Maybe that is the problem? I brought Chama home at 5 weeks. Less than ideal, of course, but better than living under the shed. I think if you have other dogs then he'll be fine.

I second the importance of NOT boarding him that young. It's too much change too quickly at such a young age. Find a friend or relative that can take him or change your plans.
Can you partition off his crate? You don't want him going to the bathroom in there because that will make housebreaking a lot more difficult.
How are things going with Neb and the other dogs? Any playing yet?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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