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NE PA Service dog reported missing

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<span style="color: #CC0000">Service Dog Missing in Pike County
A pet owner in Pike County is searching for a very special animal.

Jennifer Wildening of Mastohope has been living with extreme pain almost her entire life. "I have what is called RSD, Reflex Sympathic Distrophy. That's nerve damage to my sythanic nerve system," Wildening explained.

A few weeks ago she got some help. She was paired with a service dog from Nevada named Kilo.

The two-year-old shepard wandered away from Wildening's home in Masthope Friday afternoon and she hasn't seen him since.
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"Wandered away"????? Uh....dude? You're not supposed to "wander away".

Seriously though, I hope they find him.
I wonder how he was able to wander away? I hope she finds him. I hope she was more responsible than to just let him out without a yard or supervision. Maybe the gate was left open or something. I wish it explained that part.

No matter what, I hope he is safe.
Originally Posted By: sleachy"shepard"
It`s a liberal local paper. The editors can`t spell but you get the point.
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