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So here is the deal..

Back in June, my parents bought a 2 year old male GSD from the same breeder we got my puppy from. She was rehoming him for an elderly couple who just didn't think they were giving him everything he needed (Im pretty sure they were 80+).

Anyways, we brought him home and he was super sweet.. VERY quiet for a two year old and a lover for sure. The deal is my dad is really the one who instigated the dog thing and especially getting a GSD. My mom agreed but has always been a little hesitant about having dogs in the house (don't ask lol).

Nevertheless, we get him home and settled and he instantly attaches to my mom. Which is great because she is home all day and can spend time with him.

Ok now on to the issues...

First, Naz is the hugest spaz in the world.. I don't really know how else to explain it. He just randomly has these weird semi frantic moments. He will make this weird high pitched squealing, grunting sound while bouncing around in circles around you. Its like he can't contain his nervous energy. I have told my mom to completely ignore this behavior and give him no attention whatsoever to him when he does this but then he will come up and sort of hug her around the back..

So for this problem I suggested practicing NILIF around the house (waiting to be released before eating, waiting to be released to walk out of doors, etc) but I could use some more suggestions on what to do in this scenario.

Also, since it seems he may have some seperation anxiety, I suggested they should crate him for short periods throughout the day so he knows your not leaving him for good.. But I honestly don't know if they do this. I try, but they don't always want to/have the time to listen..

So if anyone has any suggestions on how to reduce this spazoid behavior I would be so very grateful!

Okay, on to problem number 2.. My dad really really wants Naz to be "his" dog.. By that I mean he just wants to bond with him and he wants Naz to want to be around him too! But since the beginning Naz has been really wary of my dad.. My dad does seem to have a pretty dominant personality and he can be vocal but he never tries to intimidate him or anything. But so far Naz doesn't want much to do with him and sometimes if my dad moves quickly towards him he will just submissive pee. I suggested obedience training to help build a bond with a lot of positive reinforcement but I need some more ideas to help with building a bond between them. Because, honestly, Naz is going to have a much more fulfilling life if he can get close to my dad. My mom is a busy bee and is constantly on the go and my dad would actually want to do things that they could do together.

So thanks in advance for your suggestions and feel free to ask questions if I wasn't clear about something! I know I kind of rambled there a bit.
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