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Nature's Variety Rotation Diet

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I was curious whether anyone here had read about or is trying the Nature's Variety Rotation Diet -

The concept seems very similar to raw feeding - variety in terms of the protein - different types of meats and fish to keep variety in the diet and to make sure it's complete. The rotation diet, however, adds another step by rotating not just between the types of protein, but the types of food, by introducing kibble, canned, and prepared raw to rotate. They are saying that all the formulas have been designed to "go" with each other so there will not be the same types of tummy upsets that you would see switching between different foods normally.

Their website on the Rotation Diet does not seem to include information on their panel of nutritionists and veterinarians they used to create this diet, interestingly enough. The company sent me a press packet / info packet with information that has that in it. I'd be happy to scan/share if anyone is interested.
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I have read about their rotation diet, and I think it is a good idea. The raw medallions are the only product of theirs that I have fed. I tried their grain free kibble, but my dog wouldn't eat it. I hesitate to feed their regular kibble (with grain) because it seems they have been having some issues with some of them. If you look on their website under "news" and then "more news headline" you'll find a few different topics about problems with some of their kibbles, cat and dog food. I am not 100% sure, but I think that they source their rabbit meat from China.

I need to feel a bit better about their company before I would feed their different foods exclusively.
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SomePup, I had also read about their rabbit meat coming from China. I have sent two emails to the company asking about ingredients being sourced from China; they have not responded. So until I can get an answer from them, I won't be using any of their products.

We've fed their cat food in the past and my 11 year old did really well on it - problem is, now that we have the little one, she keeps snacking from his food (Chicken Soup's kitten formula) so right now they're both eating Chicken Soup. She's getting the adult formula and he's getting a mix of the adult and kitten stuff, which will be switched to the all-adult formula by 6 month (October).

I don't think Nature's Variety makes a "kitten" food.

I'm going to email the lady who sent me the info pack about the Rotation Diet and ask her about where the company sources their meats, particularly the rabbit. If I get an answer, I'll post it.
Thanks, Historian...I have been interested in trying a food that has rabbit meat for my dog, but not if it comes from China.
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I just wanted to come back and update on the thread. I heard back from the Nature's Variety representative today, and here is what she has to say in regards to where they source their meats and why.

If you guys have some feedback or additional questions, I'd be happy to pass it on and/or use it (if you don't mind) when I review the Nature's Variety products for my blog.

Quote:Rabbit in a couple of NV products is sourced from China, please see the full explanation below. All of the other proteins are sourced from the countries as listed below.

Here is a listing by protein:
Poultry – USA
Pork - USA
Beef – USA, Canada
Lamb – USA, New Zealand, Australia
Venison – New Zealand, Australia
Fish – USA, Canada
Rabbit – USA, Europe and China*

*The Rabbit meat used in the Raw Frozen Diets and Rabbit liver used in the canned Instinct are sourced directly from a human-grade quality facility company in China that NV has personally visited, inspected and have under contract. NV does not use brokers or third party suppliers for this – the facility is privately owned and NV is a direct importer. All rabbits are raised on a vegetarian, hay-based diet free of antibiotics and free of added growth hormones. The facility is EU certified (European Union) - which exceeds USDA certification standards. Additionally, they employ a US-trained PhD food scientist who lives in China and oversees ingredient quality and testing there. Chinese product arriving in the US is again tested and then NV conducts their own testing upon receipt at NV.

Nature’s Variety source some rabbit products from China because domestic sourcing of rabbit products is not readily available. China offers an abundance of high-quality rabbit products.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about it. I’d be happy to discuss further.

I used to rotate NV Prairie kibbles, if that counts. Both my dogs were on NV Prairie when I got them (from different places) so we used that for a long time. Kenya's breeder sold it to me at cost and she recommended it. After a while I tried Innova EVO and Solid Gold Barking at the Moon for grain-free, but it made Kenya sick, just too rich for her I guess. I switched to Canidae because it was so much cheaper, but now they are almost the same in price. I may switch back to NV kibbles, or at least use a few formulas in my rotation. The only Prairie formula we didn't like was the venison. For some reason it gave the dogs horrible breath.
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