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I thought i would post this because i want people to literally put me out of the wild baby foster parent business. HOW? read on.

It is spring again and animals are all doing what they do best, procreating. I love nothing more than nature, animals that are wild and humanized. I love birds, racoons and even skunks. I have raised a lot of them during the course of my life time and then released the ones that could be released and found wild life centers and zoos for those who could not. Its interesting but alot of the time it is unnecessary. People see baby animals while they are hiking in the spring and early summer and because they do not see momma around, they automatically think that it must be a orphan baby. Most of the time though, THEY ARE NOT ORPHANED. Much of the time, mom is just off eating or drinking or searching for food for their babies. (at least in the case of birds).

Its a great thing to help them out, but these small babies should not be touched. If a baby is noticed in the wild and you think it may be a orphan, DONT TOUCH IT first of all. Momma can smell the diference on a baby and it will be abandoned as a result. Baby racoons, squireels and other small animals are being born everywhere. If you remove a litter of squirrels or racoons from your attic and place them somewhere else and seal the entrance hole, mom wont be able to find them and will then abandon them. If you want to seal a hole wait until later summer when they are out in abundance learning to forage. Beware though that squireels give birth multiple times a year so as soon as you notice the babies are gone, seal up the entrance. be sure they are gone though or you will seal them in and they will die a slow death. Dont ever move babies in the wild unless their lives are at risk. if they have fallen from a tree (in the case of a bird) and they look like they have all of their feathers, dont touch them. if you find a baby squirrel that has fallen from its nest, take it too a wild life center, NOT THE SHELTERS. If you see a baby deer and are afraid it was abandoned, leave it and go back and see if it is in the same spot the following day. if it is not, then it had not been abandoned or orphaned. Its always stay clear of a baby animal in the wild anyway because you never know where mom is. Especially in the case of bears and such. If a doe is struck by a car along a highway, check it too see if it has had a fawn or not, if so, contact a wildlife center and give the location of where the doe had been hit, it means that it is not far away and they can look for it. I had to actually cut a fawn from its mama a few years ago after she was struck and killed. Bambi, grew into a gorgeous young adult, and is living on a no kill deer farm now.

I am writing this beause one of my neighbors knows that i foster babies and again brought me a litter of squirrels. Im worrying that i may have to locate the kits of a skunk that took up residence in our yard shed because the momma was seen being hit by a car early this morning on a side street near our home. i have someone watching our shed today while i am at work to see if it was indeed her. im hoping not. i hope this helps keep some babies where they belong. in the wild and not my living room. Although bearla does like being a foster momma, lol
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