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Natural Balance ? Potato & Duck - Allergy

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Has anyone had good luck with feeding Natural Balance Potato & Duck / allergy ? It sure seems like it gets good reviews but thought I'd see about any on here.
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Yes, three of my dogs have been on it for a year now, and have done quite well on it.
Jake was on it because he has many allergies, I only switched him to Evo last year because of his cancer, but he also did very well on the NB Duck and potato.
I wasn't sure if Duke had allergies or not but we were sampling doing a taste test and that's what he went to the most. He does seem to itch a lot before this food so maybe he does have some sort of allergies & no gas as of yet
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Re: Natural Balance ? Potato & Duck - Allergy

My dog is on it. Doing great. Cleared up the eye boogers. She is still scratching but I know she has fleas.
Berr did ok on it but gained weight....but I think NB is good food. We're now using Taste of the Wild with good results for about the same amount of money ($1.23 more).
Re: Natural Balance ? Potato & Duck - Allergy

I just bought a small bag of this to see if it helps with Cash's soft-serve poops. I'll let you know how it works out.
Update-- the potato and duck did nothing but the Sweet Potato and fish gave me the first solid poops I've seen from him. Jackpot!!
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Hey maybe I need to switch to the fish!!!

Mine are on D and P and do well on it but Havoc still has occassional soft poop.
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