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2 reasons basically. One is so the dog can be identified easily by others interested in the breed later down the road. You can look at a dog's name and tell if it may be a littermate to a specific dog, or in the case of French dogs, you can tell what year it was born by the first letter of the name.
Two, so you don't end up with yet another Duke, Bear, King, Max or Molly.
Most breeders I've dealt with gave me the naming scheme and let me name the pup, but a few have had the name already registered, which was fine since I always come up with a different call name if the registered name is difficult. I had one Beauceron whose registered name was going to be Newton, so his call name was Fig :).
My current male's registered name is an A litter name, Ankormann von der Wolfenbach, we call him Ron.
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