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I've noticed Emma and Elle a few time lying in front of each other biting each others nails, I really don't like them doing it, and try to distract them from this habit, because we do get them clipped professionally, and the sound of breaking nails and the cracking just bothers me...But does anyone elses GSD's bite the other's nails for them? Or is this just a odd behavior?
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No, I can't say mine have ever done this! I would imagine it sounds pretty creepy though!
I have never seen one of ours bite each others, but Meeka used to bite her own. she HATED getting her nails clipped, apparently she preferred to do it herself but the sound was awful!
So, it's ok that I redirect that behavior then? I'm not being too harsh about it? I don't yell at them, I get a toy and start playing with them, or whistle and they come running.
Here's a quote from an article about ticks I was just reading. This refers to the dog tick:
"The adults attach to the ears and between the toes, and the larvae and nymphs are often found in hair along the back, however are not restricted to these parts."
The crunching you hear might not be nails! Check for ticks! Some topical meds, applied along the spine, may not reach the legs and feet well.
I keep a close eye out for ticks, and just checked them and no ticks, so that's good! Thanks for that info!
I'm a groomer at a doggie daycare so the dogs run around loose in the grooming area. A lot of times when I clip nails (especially long overgrown ones) Mollie will run up and eat the clippings off the floor. It probably just tastes like cow hooves to them since it's all the same stuff.
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