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you say your father is 65 yrs old "what can you expect" and 'you
knew us folks would appreciate it". there's some people
65yrs old and older on this forum. i like those NSDTR. i like
that brillant fire red color.

Just a story... My pup is 22 weeks old right now (non-GSD!). I've been trimming her nails once a week since we got her at 8 weeks old. About 4 weeks in, she decided against it, and we struggled. Then I started over, with treats. Paw, treat, nail, treat, clip, treat... repeat. Takes awhile, but we are making progress and I can do all 4 paws at once now rather than breaking up over the weekend. Soon we will be able to clip 2 nails and then treat instead of treats for each nail! She is happy while we do this.

My dad: OLD SCHOOL. I was at his house this weekend with Emme, and he was holding her looking at her nails, commenting it was time to trim. Yep I said, but we do it with treats. He was all... NAW, just come clip them while I hold her.

I was skeptical, but, wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and he HAS raised many dogs to be great pets. So I started... she started squirming...he held harder. She squirmed more... was becoming distressed.

I put an end to it, and moved to the floor, with treats. Treat, clip, treat, clip. Sure, it took a little longer, but she was HAPPY the whole time.

My dad scoffed at me... "You give her too many treats" he said, shaking his head.

But WHY would I do it the other way? Struggling, fighting, dog unhappy. When all I need to do is offer some treats? She's just a baby after all!

I didnt pursue the issue with him, as I know he wouldnt relent that my way is better

>>>>> (he's 65... what can I expect! LOL)... But I knew you folks would appreciate it.<<<<<

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