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Hi I have 2 gsd that forever have been freaked out with nail trimming time. All my other 5 are absolutely no problem. These two bitches you'd think I was torturing them.
I tried "calming cap" on one that was a joke! more paranoia. One I just stuck her head into the food bin and let her go at feeding like a horse would and that worked somewhat, I couldn't pick up her foot but just trimmed as she stood, not as short as I wanted too but better.
Anyone try the dremmel type tool? may work for one who is not sound sensitive.
If my husband helps them down and trims them then they steer clear of him for a couple days time. Theses two are great dogs besides this stupid nail thing. The others are a breeze to do.
Any ideas? Has any one used the Bach Rescue Remedy to calm before procedures like this?
By the way I have the heavy duty clippers they use at the vets office -cost $30 so they are good clippers.
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