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it can be a frustrating proceedure for sure with some dogs. i think the key is for the person to stay calm, its very easy to get inpatient when doing nails on an un-cooperative victim, lol!

i agree with Patti i think gentle handling is one good approach. i usually will talk softly to my dogs, telling them what a good dog they are. my male tends to not like his nails down, he will pull his paw away and tuck it underneath so i can't get at them. i gently take his paw back and repeat the process. after about two or three times, he will finally look away and let me trim them. its like a kid that is scared of needle shots! by talking softly to them it certainly is more calming than if you were to force it on them, which in turn would make it a negative thing.

another thing i have done, is have my husband hold a bully stick, or something that lasts and let him chew one end of it while i do the nails.

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