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Mystery collar

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So i'm looking for the identity of a collar i have only seen once, and never seen again. I saw it on a big St. Bernard at the vet a few years ago and didn't have the sense to ask what it was. A brief description: The collar itself was a very large leather collar, rather wide, which may or may not be a specific feature of the collar, because St. Bernard collars are as a rule, qite huge. The interesting bit, is that it had a chain choke on the outside, that apeared to be intigrated into the collar, via 3 or 4 belt loops around said leather strap. The leash was clipped to the choke. It looked like it would be applied as a sort of gental choke or something, and I think it might be something Titan could benifit from, besides looking very euro fab. If nobody knows what it is, I may be forced to fabricate one and claim I invented it. It has crossed my mind that it may only be popular amonst giant dog owners, mastiffs and newfeys and what-not.
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Was it a leather martingale? Here is a description of one:
The Tin Man in Macho Mango 2 inch width by rolloverleatherworks
nah, but titan would look pretty fresh in that. I don't think i described it very well, as an engineering student, I'm used to just drawing a picture, pointing and grunting, at which point, everyone understands perfectly. My descriptive writing is weak at best. :)
Can you draw a picture of it and post it?

I thought for sure it sounded like a martingale too.
picture on the way
as you can see from my super good drawing, which is very well labled, it is an enigma.
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mysterycollar.jpg picture by Seth_Malusa - Photobucket better picture of my poorly draws schematic
at least it isn't one of these!! JK...
I wonder if item #8 comes in Chihuahua sizes... i'll take 2.
as you can see from my super good drawing, which is very well labled, it is an enigma.
and this is why engineers aren't allowed near CAD files! :rofl:

It looks as if the leather is used as a "protection" under the choke collar. I've never seen anything like this. My guess is some engineer created their own collar by sewing leather straps over the chain to the leather collar. :)

Find a tack shop, shoe repair shop, etc, and I bet they could make you one really cheaply if you take in the supplies.
It doesn't seem like the choker is effective (debatable if it really is anyway IMHO) if it can't tighten and release properly. In the design, the choker is basically decoration over a flat leather collar. Am I misunderstanding the drawing?
It would not be effective unless there was a gap in the leather so that the the chain could tighten. Without a gap, the leather would bunch up and stop the chain from tightening. If there were a gap, it should work the same as a leather martingale with a chain connection.

btw...coming from a mechanical designer...learn to describe what you want. Nothing is more frustrating to me than an engineer that can not effectively describe what they want. That skill will help put you in the running for a good job. :)
There wasn't a gap, but the chain did tighten up on him when he pulled, but it apeared to be much more gentle than your average slip, the leather apeared to be very soft, and sorta scrunched at one point when he pulled. Maybe if I find the time i'll make one myself, I could maybe see this being good for breeds with sensitive throat areas (small brachosyphalic dogs come to mind).
As for the career advice, it is always welcome :)
Crap, I tried to do a description in the Google search box and I ended up in some bondage site! Great, now I'm going to get porn pop ups for a week at least.
It almost looks like a prong collar cover on a choke chain?
Closest thing I could find was this...

Harley D Chain and Spikes Dog Collar
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