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mysterious gash above eye

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Hello all,

Today, I was heading out for a dinner with my parents (Im away from home at their house) and so I decided to lock up Bowser in the backyard.
Nothing back there except some bushes that he tends to leave alone and grass/cement patio. He has usually been fine in the backyard alone on the last couple trips that i visited my parents, but today as I came home and let him in, i noticed a large bloody gash directly above his eye on his right eye. This is made me much more insecure about being able to trust Bowser on his own, even when there are no conceivable threats. :mad:

The cut is about 1 cm long, and seems to move around open and closed depending on his mood (eyes perking up such as when he is confused)

He does not seem to be irritated by it anymore, as he has stopped any signs of pawing at it. I did notice a little blood smearing on his right paw earlier, though.

Well enough ranting, the point of this post is to ask what I should do in terms of first aid. So far i've rinsed a bit of water through it and applied Neosporin generously to the site, and he seems to be OK (maybe a little more puppy face than normal). Just wanted input if there is anything else I should do for him? Would the wound be able to heal on its own without a bandage? :(
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from the location i have no idea how you would put a bandage on it! but my best advice for you is to not allow him to paw at it and keep an eye out (no pun intended!) for infection. Other than that i think he'll be fine.
our male had a large gash above his eye late summer -- his allergies went nuts and we think he scratched and gashed it.

Being above the eye, watch it for infection, it can start quickly. Neosporin is good, it will keep it soft and from getting the hard scab and being itchy. If he does start to itch, put a sock on his back foot that he would use to scratch. We used really thick winter socks, and had to use the bandage tape (or masking tape) to keep the sock on.

If he isn't bothering it, it should heal relatively quickly -- unfortunately, no way to put a bandage on it, most likely he will pull it off.
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