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My sweet Ringer

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I had to send Ringer to the Bridge this afternoon. He's been having mega problems with his rear end the past 18 months/2 years. Last night after we got home from the ER his front end was no longer working and I had a terrible time getting him up the ramp and into the house. This morning we went out about 7 AM, I gave them breakfast, and gave him a special bowl of water. He couldn't move for the next 4-1/2 hours. He was already under the death sentence with the hemangiosarcoma tumor of his heart and the weakness in his rear was getting worse and worse. I could not let him continue this way.

My neighbor came over and helped me lift him into the van. We went to BK where he had five cheeseburgers, then we drove to the ER. As I held him and told him how much I loved him, my happy-go-lucky boy was given a tranquilizer and when he was peacefully sleeping, the vet sent him to the Bridge as I whispered to him how much I love him.

He was my first colored GSD, all the ones before him were whites. He's the one who taught me that all GSDs are the same under their coat colors.

Ringer was one of those special dogs, nothing bothered him, he was always happy, loved to cuddle on the couch, and taught me that it was his right to have the last bite of my lunch or dinner.

His sister Honey, Kelly, Mac, Slider, Bruiser and I will miss him like crazy.

Schibar's Sir Ringer
June 27, 1995 - May 24, 2008

Rest in Peace my sweet Ringer.
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Oh Gayle, I'm so sorry about your sweet boy. The pain of losing my Max is still fresh for me, so I know how you're feeling right now. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Run free and healthy, Ringer...
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Gayle, my heart goes out to you. I am very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, regal Ringer.
Oh, Gayle,
I just read your post in the Senior section. I am so sorry that you lost Ringer. Your love and respect for him is present in your posts and stories.

He will be always in your heart and often in your thoughts.

Peace to Ringer at the brdige.

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Praying for you as you go through this difficult time Gayle. Run free, sweet happy boy Ringer. Rest in peace.
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Gayle, my heart goes out to you. No matter how many times this day comes it never gets any easier although we can often grow to bear the loss in time. Thank you for all the wonderful days you gave Ringer. I'm sure he thanked you many times in his own way. Thank you too for giving him the final gift of freedom from the loss of his quality of life. It is a privilege we can give these members of our family if not the human ones.
i am so very sorry for your loss
my heart aches for you

rip sweet ringer

thank you for bringing so much love into your mamma's heart
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I read your post in the senior section. I am sorry it has moved to here. God bless you for doing what was right for him and good luck as you learn to live without him.
RIP Ringer
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Oh I am so sorry to hear about Ringer

Many (((((((hugs)))))))
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Gayle, I am so sorry. It's tough even when you know it's right.
Oh Gayle, I am so sorry. RIP Ringer you mom loves you so much.
Rest in peace big boy..
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Gayle, I am so sorry. Your Ringer was such a special boy. I am thinking of you and your Hooligans, and of of Ringer chasing his cuz in the beautiful fields at the Bridge
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I'm so sorry for your loss!!!!
What a beautiful boy Ringer was!!!
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Oh Gayle, I'm so very sorry.

Ringer will live on forever in all of our memories.

I am sorry to read of Ringer's passing. May time ease your sore heart and bring you only fond memories of Ringer.
I'm so sorry Gayle. It was clear how much you loved him. RIP sweet boy.
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Oh Gayle,

I am so very sorry. My heart breaks for you.

RIP sweet Ringer.
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I'm so sorry. It's so hard to read of their passing.

He was a very good boy.

I'm terribly sorry for the loss of Ringer, my heart cries for you.

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