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My Sweet Potato Vine Is No More!

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I wonder what might have happened to it....
I wonder if Thena knows anything about that sweet potato vine....
Someone is looking mighty guilty! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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Thena's wreath slipped, it's tough when that happens.
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Mum, do I look pretty with the vine on me?
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Adorably guilty lol! Is that vine toxic to dogs? I ask cause so so many of my flower's r and it's so disappointing! I have to watch him around everything now 😔.
She can’t get more guilty than wearing it.
I should have scolded her...but I was laughing way too hard for her to ever take it seriously!

Happily, Thena doesn't eat the plants when she "gardens." She is too busy enjoying the feel of the earth between her toes as she spreads it all over the deck. :ROFLMAO:

And yes, she did look pretty in her ill-gotten wreath!
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