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My puppy I am so proud of him!!!

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This afternoon my husband and I took Jesse (who is 6.75 months old) to my nephew's football game, ton of people there and some dogs. Jesse was a very well behaved pup. At the end of the game, people were coming out of the stands to comment to me "what a good dog you have" "what a wonderful temperament your dog has" , when I would say "he is 6 months old and a great pup" I kept getting the shocked looks they couldn't believe a puppy could be this good. Jesse let kids run by him up close, kids walking by making strange noises, kids coming up to pet him, a teenager came up to sit beside him and petted him and hugged him. A family walked by with a toy poodle, another family came by with a Mastiff, and so on and so on and Jesse took it all in in stride and stayed laying down in front of us and accepting of all things. I was so proud of him.

I feel good that I am making part of the world a little more accepting of GSD and changing some people's minds about them
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Good Boy, Jesse! I had a great day as well and know exactly how you feel. First Lucina was PERFECT at the Schutzhund club and then we stopped at the tack store that was having a yard sale and she came out and met everybody and behaved fabulously.
You keep on changing minds! And whatever it is you're doing keep doing it. It obviously is working for ya!
That is nice to hear. The German Shepherd I have, and others I have seen are very good in crowds. I suspect as Jesse goets older and bigger, he will continue to be just great at festivals, football games, etc.
Yup I plan to take Jesse everywhere he will be able to go, we socialize him every single day I can't wait till next weekend he will be going to Woofstock
Woofstock looks like a blast! Have fun!
Way to go Jesse!!!!!!!!
Outstanding!!! It is alwasy nice to hear that another GSD has made a good public impression.
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