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My name is Thunder!!!!!

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I'm 6 Month old now. I still dont know what I am... GSD mix with a little???

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dont know but cute dog!
lab or chow?
Hello Thunder. Very cute!
Great looking pup! He has kind of an Elkhound, Keeshound look to him, really cute.
I cant figure it out. Someone told me he is a shiloh shepherd... ??

Whatever he is, he is one cool dog..

Could be, I've never seen one in person.
Whatever it is, he's very handsome. My first thought was some akita mixed in.
Welcome! He is cutie no matter what he might be mixed with.
To me, he looks like he has some long hair but not what I would consider a LH shepherd...He is REALLY handsome and such a cute puppy.

Shiloh,? quite possibly,,were there any littermates with him? Did they look like him? I'd really like to see a full body shot of him standing up:))

Nice looking for sure!
Not sure what he is but I know he is cute!
I'm not sure what he's mixed with either,but his cute.Awesome name my boy's name is Thunder too.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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