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My husband, the rock star

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Well....not really, but to the dog he sure is.

He works out of town every week, sunday through thursday. So when he gets back, he's like Elvis to her lol
The ears go down, the smile comes on, she runs in circles, then runs up to him, and jumps up to 'hug' him.

She never jumps on people...but can't help it when he comes home. We let it go because it isn't spastic jumping. One or two times, and she just wants to get up there and bury her face in his armpit for some reason.

We're actually working on 'gimme a hug!' for the jumping, so that she'll wait for the verbal que before throwing herself on him...she's getting big.

He can't get over how it actually looks like she's smiling.

Every other dog we've had has respected and obeyed him, but didn't seem to bond with him like this. It's probably because he's never been much of an animal person. He 'tolerated' our other pets, but you wouldn't catch him calling them over for a play session or just to pet them.

With her, he'll get down to play with her, lounge with her on the couch, voluntarily take her for walks...and the smile on his face when she's happy to see him is usuallybigger than hers.

We've finally turned him into a dog person! LOL

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WOO HOO!!! He's converted! With that cutie pie face, how could anyone not fall in love with her??
Cosmo is the same way with me. I am gone 2-3 days a week and he stays with my friend and her dog. When I come to pick him up he's all over me. He doesn't do this to anyone else, just me.

With everyone else he is very reserved.
that's a nice story.

Thanks for giving me a great big smile today!!!

They look quite comfy together!
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