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My Heart is broken

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It is with sadness that I say my Quin has crossed to rainbow bridge. She had a seizure that was only stopped with sedation. Her MRI showed she suffered a massive stroke so it was all we could do but to let her sleep.

I will miss my big girl. She would have been 4 this Friday.

I can't believe she was taken from us so soon but I thank the lord for time he gave us.

I will miss you big girl....

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Oh, Lynn.. I am so very sorry!
Such a painful untimely parting with your sweet Quin. Wishing you and your family all the comfort possible during this time. Rest sweet, big girl Quin!
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Oh I am so sorry!!!!!!! 4 is soooo young.

Rest in peace sweet girl.
Oh I am so sorry
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I am very sorry. Young or old- it's so terribly hard when they have to go. I wish you peace and comfort.
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It's always so very hard to say goodbye. Having done so myself, I can understand the shock and loss you feel when such a young dog passes. I'm very sorry to hear you've lost your girl.
I am so sorry for your loss. We are all here to help you through.
So you age if you are a dog lover/guardian you realize it NEVER gets easier to lose a buddy-but somehow we keep doing it again and while one can NOT take the place of another somehow there is room in our hearts for just one more buddy.
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you are comforted by memories of the times you spent together.
Just wanted to add if you seem like you want to cry but can't or don't understand why you feel so bad I would recommend book "the art of racing in the rain"to maybe make you feel better.
I'm so sorry for your loss - She was so young - it's so difficult to understand why things happen the way they do sometime. My sincere sympathy goes out to you.
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I'm so sorry.
Im sorry to read about Quin, Thats far too young to be taken.
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I am so very sorry for you loss. What a terrible unexpected tragedy.
(((Hugs))) to you.

RIP Quin.
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It's always hard...but harder when so young and sudden.

You know everyone here feels for you.

Be good to yourself, she would not want it any other way.
So very sorry for your loss!!!
RIP Quin!!!!
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OMG I am so very sorry Lynn for your loss of Quin

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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It's always hard to lose a beloved dog, but it's especially hard to lose one so young. It sounds like she had a wonderful life with you.
so sorry for your loss.
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