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My GSD suddenly has the runs.

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Okay I know this is gross and I am sorry. But bandit has had thr runs suddently the past 4 days. He doesnt act sick at all but he keeps pooping in his kennel which hes never done before. Anyone possibly know why this could happen?
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Have you changed anything in his diet? What color is the poop and does it have blood in it?
No it doesn't have blood in it. It does smell worse than usual. I switched the dog food a month ago and he was doing okay but I am wondering if this could be the cause b/c hes never done this before
I know when my dog had that happen to her I took her to the vet to make sure she was alright and the vet sent the stool sample out. Told me to put her on a bland diet and I would know the next day what the sample says. The next day she said there wasn't anything wrong with her stool sample and that we could just chalk it up to a digestive indiscretion. A couple of days later her stool was normal. She never acted sick either.
Pups get into things feed chicken and rice for a day or two and then slowly start to mix his kibble back in. If it continues get a fecal but I bet he ate something he shouldn't have:)
when this same thing happened to anni she tested positive for giardia.a week of meds and she ws back to normal.good luck
Whats weird is now my moms dog has the runs too. Neither acts sick but both have bad runs
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