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Welcome to the forum - this is one of those things that while a forum can help provide support, needs to be seen and worked with in person.

Welcome to | Dog Aggression Education, Support and Resources
PETFAX Behavior Consultation: Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

are some additional resources, but I would be looking for a behaviorist in your area.

While this is an aggression issue and lots of times the natural thinking is to tamp it down immediately, it is really good, in my mind, to get at the root of the matter first and then apply the necessary behavior interventions at that point. So a lot of thought needs to go into this.

Right now you are all going at stimulus - response and that leads to reacting, which is not good as you have seen.

If you give us your general location we can perhaps offer suggestions as to people who can help you in person.
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