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My garden helper

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Well this year I decided that I would be soooo organized when I planted the garden (big garden!) so I made a bunch of nice wooden markers and on each one I printed the name of the plant. This year I would know just WHAT green bean seed produced the best and WHAT each of those odd squashes were! Not too mention the many different kinds of tomatoes! I was so proud of myself. So I worked and worked and pounded in each of my lovely markers. Oh I am so proud of myself and my organization! I will be the talk of the feed store ! After a couple of long hot hours I paused to rest.
I then heard a loud yip, that really happy, I am so proud of myself and you will be too yip. I turned to see my beloved Major, my faithful companion, the light of my life....with ...yes you guessed it... A PILE of lovely wooden makers, He was twirling around on his hind legs with one clenched in his teeth like a demented ballerina and had neatly piled up at least 15 more near by. sigh...what could you do except burst out laughing!! oh well who needs to know that stuff anyhow.
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Oh my I don't mean to laugh, since you worked so hard, but I can just imagine that scene....
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yeah, me limp with exhaustion and him....delighted and soo very pleased with himself. I just went over and sat down in the shade and he very nicely brought me each of the stakes one at a time! I love this guy!! What a goof. Now if he could just show me which row he took them from we would be in business! I am resigned to another year of garden mysteries!
I have a garden mystery too...I'm not sure who or what killed my merigolds, but I'd sure like to know what did, since I spent all that $ and time getting them there.
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