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My first vet appointment ::brags::

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Had our first vet appointment yesterday and I must say I hit the jackpot! I had many options in our area and I had read good things about this vet in reviews on the internet. As it turns out he cares for all the police dogs in the area so he knows GSDs really well. After a few minutes with him, she was ready to jump into his lap!

Those who may have known, I asked about her itchy skin and he said it just looks like its dry... We have a pretty simple fix and he's going to call us next week to see how she's doing! So glad he didn't try to push anything on us. Just a completely positive experience and reasonable price to boot!

He even has some trainers to recommend that specifically work with GSDs in the area. I'm just an entirely happy camper!
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Isn't great finding a vet you trust and like?! You feel like you've hit the jackpot!
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