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My First Resue Dog.

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I know she isn't a GSD but...

On Sunday I saved this little puppy from been put down, from what I can see she is a miniture jack russell...I don't have a name for her yet so any suggestions are welcome.

The poor thing was due to be put down this week :( but by chance I came across her and couldn't let that happen! :wub:

I now have 4 dogs, 3 are pups...i think i've gone mad!

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she's adorable but i agree you've lost it! 3 pups out of 4.... be prepared to invest in a wig for all the hair ripping you'll be doing!!! good luck with everything!!!
well if the others are potty trained.... they could very well help make it easier for the newest to get it down.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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