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My first GSD boy - Sonic

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Hey all nice to meet you! I'm fairly new here. Didn't want to actually post until i got my pup but he's here with me now! His name is Sonic , @ 7.5 weeks and he's really calm and friendly. Rarely only barks when i crate him but he's slowly getting used to it. Here are some pics i took yesterday :). Looking forward to more posts with everyone lol .

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Welcome! :)

He's gorgeous little man! Be sure to take tons of pictures now - pups grow up too fast!
OMG!!! He's adorable!!! I agree with Konotashi! lots of pictures!!! Welcome to the forum!!!!
Awww too cute! I recommend taking pics next to the same thing that never changes size once a week/month/whatever so you can have photos to compare :)
Welcome to the forum ... Sonic is a handsome lil guy !
Cute cute cute cute cute! Yes on the pictures. I have a 10 week old and I swear some mornings I get up and can tell she has grown overnight!
Oh he is sooo cute!!
sooo adorable!!!!!!
We got our puppy last Monday when he was 7.5 weeks as well. In one week, I can already tell he has grown !! I wish our kids and our puppy would slow down..they grow up like weeds !
I want to hug it...bad. :wub:
How handsome! I love the snooze picture! Welcome!
Very cute, love the pic with the turtle on his head lol
Sonic looks like he is going to get SPOILED, spoiled, spoiled. He is as cute as a button. Welcome to the forum.
Thanks everyone , Unfortunately i just got back from the vet and found out he has a bad heart . The Vet said he has a heart murmur and suspects it's a congenital defect. Gave him tops 1 year to live unless i had a real expensive surgery done and even then he's still at risk. =( It sucks getting attached to these little guys in so little time. I can tell my boy knows somethings wrong because he's been acting different ever since we got back. Sigh.... What a bad day.
Did your vet do an ultrasound as a heart murmur is quite common in pup's,most grow out of it without any problem's.
What terrible news! As Linzi said, did the vet do any kind of tests, or did they just listen. There are different grades of heart murmurs, which suggest different underlying problems. Did the vet say what congenital defect he thought it might be?

I'm sorry you're having to go through this. Did you get your puppy from a breeder, and if so have you contacted them about this. I would also consider getting a second opinion, as well.

Keep us posted with what is going on. Sonic is such a cute little guy!
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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