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my dogs xrays

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I got my dogs hips xrayed and these is the photos of them, he said they didn't look good the left side didn't anyway right side was fine, i was just wanting some opinions on them please if possible, going to send them off to ofa tomorrow. sorry if photos is big couldn't get it resized.

left hip (bad hip) also with arthrities forming

right hip
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Hi Janet, IMO the positioning on the rad is not good but regardless yes, the left hip appears to be dysplastic with remodeling and joint changes
Sorry... has the dog been showing symptoms?

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no not showing any symptoms she also has arthrites forming in that hip as well he pointed out
I agree with Cherri - the positioning is terrible - the dog is not straight. The leg on the left side of the photo (right leg?) is not positioned correctly. I would ask them to retake them before submitting to OFA. Is this for prelims or 2 year old finals?
It's interesting his left hip shows a problem and that's also the side with the really bad positioning. I'd almost get another set from someone who does it properly.

It may not be as bad as it looks........................
While the positioning is bad, positioning only affects how the ball looks in the socket, not the shape of the ball. So unfortunately, in this case a better set of x-rays isn't going to change anything.

There is remodeling of the femoral heads (they should be round, and they're not) and arthritic change. Definitely HD, no matter how the x-ray is positioned.
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It will be another $100 to get them retaken but I agree it won't change the one hip since the ball is not round it is flat
this is for the finals and she is over 2
Originally Posted By: Chris WildThere is remodeling of the femoral heads (they should be round, and they're not) and arthritic change. Definitely HD, no matter how the x-ray is positioned.
Unfortunately, I think Chris is 100% right here. I would not spend any more money for a retake. It wont change the shape of the FH.

I am really sorry. I understnad the agony though, my girl had the exact same problem. Her left hip was the really bad one.
i am going to still send it in to ofa to get a rating and see and that way when someone researches dogs she will be in there whatever her rating is, we can't impove the breed if we hide even the flaws in them. She is still a great dog and she shows no signs what so ever which is great but down the road we will get it replaced if it becomes a problem.
Do you have her on joint supplements? That can make a HUGE difference. Obviously it can't change the shape of the femoral head but it can help with the arthritis.
We use Syn-Flex and have been very happy with it.
I am going to have her on it now since I know this.
Joint supplements are definitely a good idea. Our dog, Nara, was diagnosed with Moderate HD at only a year old. Below is a copy of her 1 year old x-ray, and as you can see both femoral heads are even worse than your dog's. She has been on joint supplements since then, and now at almost 9 years old she is still pretty much symptom free and runs and jumps and plays like a normal GSD. If she has a day of really active, hard play, she'll sometimes have some stiffness and soreness that evening, but that's the extent of her symptoms.

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Rafi has severe HD. I have him on Longevity from Springtime Inc. I've seen an amazing change in him. He is faster now then most other dogs and moves really well on turns, etc. His hip also clicks a lot less than it used to.
thank you all for all the info you have given me, I sent her xrays off today and will post the results when I get them back
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