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i WAS EMAILED this today by a very good friend of mine who always seems to have problems with non pet lovers who visit her. her son gave it too her, now i share it with you.


My dogs live here, theyre here to stay, you dont like pets? be on your way. They share my home, my food, my space, this is their home, this is their place.
You will find dog hair on the floor, they will alert youre at the door. They may request a little pat, a simple 'NO' will settle that. It gripes me when i hear you say, 'JUST HOW DO YOU LIVE THIS WAY" THEY smell, they shed, they're in the way, WHO ASKED YOU? IS ALL I CAN SAY.

they love me, more than anyone, my voice is like the rising sun, they merely have to hear me say, 'come on, its time to go and play.'
then tails wag, and faces grin, they bounce and hop and make a din, they never say, no time for you, they are always there, to go and do. and if im sad, they re by my side, and if im mad, they circle wide. and if i laugh, they laugh with me, they understand they always see.

so once again, i say to you,
'come visit me,' but know this too.

My dogs live here, they re here to stay, you dont like pets? be on your way. they share my home, my food my space, this is thier home, this is their place.
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amen to that
Yup nobody who doesn't like pets is not a friend of mine and definately not invited to my house. You are most welcome if you come and bring your pet with you.
the same goes here. I often have people that are so called friends of mine, say, 'sure, ill come and stay for a few days at the cottage, but what are you going to do with the dogs? ummm, hello, its their cottage, too. if people are truly friends, they will accept that. a few of these people have owned smaller dogs, but didnt want my gsd around my cottage, so they could bring thiers. i tld them they were more than welcome to bring thier dogs, but my dogs would be there, and thats that.
Perfect and very well said. Its kind of funny, my best friend is a.... how do I say this??? Shes a bit of a 'clean nut'.... I love her to pieces and wouldn't change her for the world (nor would she likely want to change me) but while she lives right accross the street from me-she never comes inside my house anymore....we just visit outside. Works fine for both of us.
I always have to laugh when company has to use the bathroom at my house....of course the dogs follow them and the people look at me like what are you going to do with the dogs??? Am I the only one that can use the bathroom with a dog watching???
I love it!

A few years ago, a friend was at our house and had to use the bathroom. She got to the hallway and then turned around and came back and said very quietly, "Can you come here for a minute?" My son's python was in the hallway. He had gotten out of his cage! Can't believe my friend even came back to our house again!
OH thats too funny!!!!!
I love it!

I think a true friend would understand the dogs being there, even if they dont like dogs or pets. Someone can be a good person and not like pets, but I think part of being that good person is also knowing that a friend that does have pets, doesnt have to conform to someone who doesnt like pets............did that make any sence? lol.

To those though who think pets should be put up or whatever, I say get
Makes tons of sense to me
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I love your post. Some say us dog lovers are nuts. But everything you mentioned in your post fits my forever dog, the adopted rescue, and my current rescue.

Do they shed, you bet. Are they perfectly trained, only one.

But like you said, they are here to stay.
yes they are and if they follow me to the bathroom or peek over the side of the bed, (hiding eyes, blushing,) or just plain out jump on the bed and smother me in kisses or knock me off it in their quest to find more room, then so be it! I love a clean house but i also love my dogs and if they leave their toys around, or their hair, thats okay. im sure i do things they dont like either and they never complain, lol
Exactly, Joanne! GREAT post! Thank you!!
You have it exactly right with this post, in my opinion.

Besides.. doesn't everyone here use the bathroom with a jumbo GSD muzzle resting "blobbed" on our foot?
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ha!! i love it!! like my dad always said "love me, love my dog, kick my dog and we're gonna have some problems" lol
Originally Posted By: BrightelfExactly, Joanne! GREAT post! Thank you!!
You have it exactly right with this post, in my opinion.

Besides.. doesn't everyone here use the bathroom with a jumbo GSD muzzle resting "blobbed" on our foot?
no, usually peaking through my legs..
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