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My dogs are giving me $#!+.

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Yep, everyone with multiple dogs must at one time or another think: "there has got to be a market for this."

I am getting really good at it though. That is removing the frozen concotion from the frozen tundra without damaging my pooper scooper blade. They make those out of cheap flimsy aluminum. Maybe that works in Georgia. But in NE Ohio.... So I have this garden tool that is kind of like a hoe, but is half-moon shaped and I bent it just so, and it works like a dream. The little spade does better to pick it up though. The big thing doubles as a walking stick for navigating snowing, icy areas in search of the night's produce.

So out with my shovel and spade on Sunday morning -- Sunday I sing Poo-hymns instead of Poo songs while performing the duty. And I have to hit it just so to break it from the ice below, so that I get all of the poo and the absolute minimum of ice and snow. It is a skill that I cannot put on my resume, and I cannot earn a title for it, but it is detrimental to the trade.

My neighbors know I am nuts.

I guess I should just be happy that everyone is providing me with solid poos.

Keeping them clean when the melts come is always fun. I have eliminated mud from their runs effectively, which means that if they are dirty, it would be poo. So getting all I can get is essential to keeping them clean.

I also do not like the idea of them dragging poocicles in with them for a late night snack.

No chance at using the hose either -- if I could get it to spew forth water, in an hour or so it would freeze and injure me and the dogs.

Ok, I am done venting.
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yep, i can be a problem. before i started using my ice chipper i would only be able to dig half of the poop up. now i chip around the frozen prize and then scoop them up.

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Yikes! I had no idea dog poo and ice didn't mix. LOL

I guess that's one thing I'm thankful for down here. Of course we just get rain on top of the dog poo, and wet dog poo is less than desirable to pick up, especially if it wasn't solid to begin with. *gag*
i know from prior experience best to get all the frozen poops up when they are frozen. otherwise come spring its a messy job. as the snow melts more and more wet poops appear!

I am very happy when we have a nice frost in the mornings as the poop is easier to pick up.

Sadly it is one of the first things I think off when I wake up to a frost.
We have a big back yard that the dogs make their night time deposits in. I stick an old can in the snow so DH can find the frozen poo in the morning and throw it in the woods. ( This spot is forbidden to the dogs and amazingly enough they never go there.) The only problem with this system is when we get 5 or 6 inches of snow overnight the cans and poo disappear. Then the treasure seeking dogs have to be watched like hawks so they don't come up with their favorite treat - poopsicles.
I guess there is no such thing as disgusting to a dog.
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