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WOW! I hope your dog is going to be ok from that bite, it sounds like it was pretty serious! One of the things you'll hear from a lot of the board members is that dog parks are NO place to socialize a dog. Things like this happen because irresponsible owners use these parks to wear down their dogs energy. So these "friendly" dogs come into the park unobedient to their owners, and they are running around restlessly trying to burn off energy. This is not a good combination. Most of us here would agree that we dont use dog parks for this very reason. There are just too many risks to bring my dogs there.

How old is your GSD? Has she been around any other dogs since the bite? If so, how did she react?

Socialization from this point is going to have to be slow and steady. Does the owner of the ranch have safe, calm, reliable dogs? If they do, i would start with one dog, along with yours and slowly see how she interacts just being in sight of another dog. Then i would proceed from there after seeing how she reacts.

When i first got Bear he was 12 weeks old, and my 3 year old GSD tackled him pretty hard. He wasnt hurt at all, just shreiked out of fear. Immediately after the incident we ran into my neighbor and her yellow lab (extremely well behaved social dog). The two were running around playing as if nothing had happened. So i think it really depends on the individual dog how they will react to other dogs after a bite.
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