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My dog is getting spayed soon!!! Question for you all.

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Eeeekkkkkk!! Count down to a nervous breakdown! I know it goes on everyday, but my little girl is such a baby and so high strung I’m so afraid of what it’s going to do to her mentally.

That’s just me venting, my real question is that every Vet I have gone to in order fix a female has always kept the dog overnight. I moved from Toronto where I had the most amazing Vet in the world, I would have bet my life on his diagnosis. I moved to New Brunswick and have been to at least 6 different Vets and hated them all, no trust there at all.

Is it normal to take a female home the same day as the operation? I like the fact that she’s with me and I can monitor her 100% but I have never heard of this before. Should I be worried about this?

Thanks all!
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if you're so afraid of what might happen to
your dog after it's spayed why have her spayed????

Eeeekkkkkk!! Count down to a nervous breakdown! I know it goes on everyday, but my little girl is such a baby and so high strung I’m so afraid of what it’s going to do to her mentally.
I think it is pretty normal for a female to spend the night. It is different for males, most can go home the same day. Our female had to spend the night. I would be sure I had a vet that I trusted and was comfortable with before I had my girl spayed though.
when i had kimba spayed, they did the procedure in the morning and i picked her up in the late afternoon. no problems...and id venture to say this is the most highly regarded vet clinic in our area.
Two of my females came home the same day, one stayed the night but it was a different vet.
I’m getting her spayed because it is in my contract and I like to have my dogs spayed. As for the Vet thing, I don’t have a choice, unfortunately I have to go to a Vet I don’t trust, she’s 8 months and I am running out of time. It’s not that i completely don’t trust her (if that was the case i would go back to Toronto). I just don’t fully feel 100% comfortable.

Thanks all for the info. I was a bit worried because I have had one Vet in Toronto my entire life and only knew of his ways of doing things. I wasn’t sure if not spending the night was normal. Guess it depends on the Vet.

Thanks all! That makes me feel better. So nervous though, my poor little Puppers.
My last three females that I had spayed spent the night at the vets. It is their policy.

I was also nervous for all three. I think your reactions are pretty normal when you love your dog. JMHO,

Mine came back the same day, she was 5.5 months old. She developed a staph infection and peritonitis and had to go in for major surgery a week later to clean her out. She got a whopper set of stitches. All of this healed perfectly (happened almost a year ago) and you would never know it happened, there is no scar. She was somewhat traumatized and very afraid of going to the vet for several months after but her natural tendency to overcome her fears won out and she is fine now. Doesn't like it much but tolerates any kind of poking or shots very well.

Oh, I didn't mention: a $350 spay wound up costing about $2500.
I think it depends on the vet. Is the clinic staffed at night? Personally, unless there is someone there to keep an eye on the dog all night, I would take them home.

Most vets like to check a female again in the morning, since it is more invasive than neutering a male. If that is the reason for staying overnight, I would be more than happy to bring the dog back first thing in the AM. I wouldn't be comfortable with leaving my baby unattended all night
I personally would be happy if mine stayed over night. It gives you a little break and you know she's being looked after by trainer professionals in case something were to go wrong later on. Good for you for getting her sprayed :)
Around here...all come home the same day. Surgery is in the pick up later in the day. It is the fact that none of the vets are staffed over the animal is better off with you at home. We have never had to have a recheck the next morning...I believe it was about a week later. Everything has always gone smooth.
I have to admit, I wasn't ready for how the first one looked when we got her home- very groggy, kind of disoriented and the stitches looked HUGE on that bare little body [she was a beagle]. So be prepared, it isn't pretty, but I agree that if there's no one on staff overnight the dog is better off at home where you can watch her
I've never had one spend the night.

Most vets are only open certain hours so if the dog spends the night, the dog is at the clinic with no-one to observe it anyway. IMO they are better off at home where there is someone to check on them.
I’m getting her spayed because it is in my contract and I like to have my dogs spayed.
Very good. :)
I have always had my females stay overnight. The males come home the same day. I worry anytime they have surgery but I would rather my females stay overnight. I live further out in the country so if something happens that first night I would rather them be right there at the vet but I agree if there is not someone there with them then just bring her home.
We've always brought them home the same day too. Our vet's office is not staffed overnight either. They'll have someone spend the night there if an animal really has to stay and needs to be monitored, but it's not routine. My vet has given us his cell phone number to call if there's a problem.
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