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my dog has lost appetite?

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i god my gds 2 years ago when he was 3 months old and he always ate his food (ROYAL CANIN for GSD) right away when served morning and evenings. but lately when i put out his food he goes right up to it puts his nose in and walks away..sometimes when i make him work for it he will eat it EVERYTHING else is normal about him

if i take his food away in he morning beacose hes not eating it and give it back to him for supper he eats it ???should i feed him less i only gice him 3 cups a day total

thanks for any help hope i posted in the right place
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Maybe he is bored with it. Can you imagine eating the same thing every single day for every single meal? You'd get sick of it within the first week...Imagine how your dog feels after 2 years! Try adding some yummies to it like cottage cheese, plain yogurt, a raw egg, some pieces of meat, ect. Even if it's just a spoonful of canned dog food mixed up in the kibble at each meal, it's still SOMETHING different. You could even simply try adding some warm water to the kibble to bring out the smells!

Royal Canin isn't that great of a food either, for the price you could get a way better food. Wellness, Taste of The Wild, Merrick, Fromm, Pinnacle, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Acana, Natures Logic, Solid Gold, Instinct, Prairie, ect just to name off some. Maybe give another brand of food a try? Most companies will send you a free sample if you e-mail them. :) Some pet stores will also carry samples to try. It's not really enough to see if it sits well with your dogs stomach but it'll give you an idea if the dog will eat it so you can buy a bag to try!

If everything else is normal (water intake, energy, stools, ect) then I'd guess he's being a picky eater, especially since he'll work for it and take it like a treat or eat it after he's missed a meal. Typically a dog who goes off food for medical reasons simply wont eat regardless. If it continues maybe schedule an appointment with the vet to make sure everything is ok. :thumbup:
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He's a nice looking dog, but to stay on topic, yeah, he could be getting bored. Try getting different flavors of the food and yes, you may want to try a better food.
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